James Paul McCartney
A tribute to
The Greatest Genius of 20th century music
THE BEATLES - The true documentation about James Paul McCartney and Billy Shears -

blank front vert left blank front oriz top blank front vert right
Billy Shears Baptism Head blank front 1 blank front 2 blank front 3 John Lennon Photo blank front 4
burned George burned George hair
Billy Shears Baptism Body John on Revolution
Ringo against windows
blank front 5
blank_front_6 blank front 7 vertical stripe 1
blank front 8 False Brian Stripe blank front 9
blank front 10 Singing Billy Shears
blank front 11 blank front 12 blank front 13
blank front 14 Hey Jude Orchestra John's naked drawings blank front 15 blank front 16 John on purple frame number 16 blank purple corner James Paul McCartney and John Lennon on early days
blank front 17
late John Lennon blank front 18 blank green dot
Billy Shears with fake nose tip Billy Shears hair THE BEATLES with Wilson
blank front 19
John sick on September 1966
Billy Shears role inside The Beatles
blank front 20 Revolution Ringo on drum blank front 21
Billy Shears with fake nose tip bcak I Love You Kiss vertical stripe 2
blank purple corner 2 The Beatles searching for someone blank front 22 Billy Shears wearing James Paul McCartney dresses
Ringo dancing with Liz Taylor curtain
The King Is Naked! Ringo dancing with Liz Taylor blank front 23
blank front 24 Billy Shears with fake nose tip chin early John Lennon
blank front 25
blank front 26 door two door two side early  John Lennon smoking grey pattern serious late Ringo
door one top
door one Billy Shears and Neil Aspinall vertical stripe 3
John adn Yoko on bed wall John and Yoko on bed
Ringo and John with hats Beatles Books serious late Ringo bottom
George with biscuit
blank front 26 George with biscuit back
beloved Ringo Starr written
blank front 27 George smiling
Ringo Starr blank front 29 blank front 30
Ringo and wife John adn Yoko on bed wall bottom
Billy Shears with death smoke hands Thinking Billy Shears
door one bottom early Billy Shears Sheets cat on cushions blank front 28
early Billy Shears lower pattern
Neil Aspinall Brian Conspiracy Stripe
blank front 31 Thinking Billy Shears lower left corner
blank front oriz bottom

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