AS/400 Jada Tools                
    Versione italiana

The Jada library contains several freeware commands for the AS/400 system that allow you to:

  • Edit a data area.
  • Display the relations or the description of the fields, the keys and the record formats of a file.
  • Submit a job in debug mode or repeat a command for many objects.
  • Save and restore the user's portion of the current job's library list.
  • Display all messages of a message file that contains a string pattern.
  • Send and receive any type of object on a remote system through the SNADS network.
  • Display the list of all programs that reference to an object or the tree-structure of a program's calls.
  • Transfer any AS400 object from/to PC copying a save file in a data base file and vice versa.
  • Save and restore spooled files with all attributes.
  • Display the object source information and check if it matches with the source member.
  • Retrieve data from user space generated by the OS/400 system APIs.
  • and further more...

All the tools look and feel like the OS/400 commands IBM. Most of them, written in CL, retrieve information by the system APIs, use panel group with the User Interface Manager and have contextual help information on line.

You can download the Jada library in the Cisc V3R2M0 or Risc V3R7M0 version.

The library installed, enter go Jada/Tools to display the menu with the complete command list.