Pic (16c876) based antenna rotator controller: Azimut ed Elevation data (the format is EASYCOM I compatible) are sent by pc (with linux and predict tracking program) via serial port to PIC/TRACK.

Manual control is also possible via front panel keys.

Command from pc and position of rotors is displayed on alphanumeric lcd display.

Just few photos, schematic diagram and firmware.

I add more detail  and pcb layout soon.


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SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM (16 June 2001 -> 12 November 2003: UPDATED!)

Bill Of Materials & description (12 November 2003: NEW!)

FIRMWARE v.1.5b for 8 Mhz xtal 16 char x 4 line lcd display (16 June 2001 -> 25 May 2014: UPDATED!)