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A composite future: Is plastic the key?
More important, it appeared that Toyota wasn't just using composites to help with design - as many automakers do - but as a first step towards carbon-fiber composite vehicles. As carbon fiber is so light, it can provide significant
Ultra Unveils Carbon Fiber Computer Case
The Ultra Carbon Fiber Case’s panels are made from carbon fiber composite. Carbon fiber is often used in aerospace and automotive fields, as well as in sailboats and modern bicycles, where the material’s strength-to-weight radio.
How long until we get one? A short history of the ultralight RMI
If you are making a car using lightweight carbon fibre composite, the carbon It was determined that a lightweight carbon fiber composite Hypercar would be Hopefully we'll see more carbon fibre composites and other light weight
Swiss designed Beck LM800 stars in Vienna
Based in Berne, Switzerland, Beck is a builder of niche supercars and an expert in the manufacture of advanced composite materials such as Kevlar and carbon-fiber. Their Beck LM800 supercar is powered by a turbocharged 4.2L V8
Carbon Fiber Mandolins
This technology has been used on guitars by builders like Composite Acoustics and Rainsong, but I think this is the first mandolin made in this way. For a different take on a carbon fiber guitar, check out the steels from Harmos.-MJS
Toray Industries of Japan has purchased
In addition to its Torayca carbon fiber products, the company also develops and markets sheet-form carbon fibers, midstream base materials and other Torayca composite materials. Toray has production facilities at sites in Japan,
A composite future: Is plastic the key?
I was very excited to hear that Toyota was using carbon fiber composite materials to design its new FT-HS hybrid concept. More important, it appeared that Toyota wasn’t just using composites to help with design - as many automakers do
Carbon Fiber Composite Robot's Arm - E-Composites
Carbon Fiber Composite Robot's Arm E-Composites, MI - 26 minutes ago Nercon will use the KUKA KR 180 PA palletizing robot in its new system to load and unload mixed product from a tri-level accumulating conveyor system.
Design Analysis Methods Developed for Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced
Abstract: Carbon-fiber-reinforced silicon-carbide (C/SiC) composite technologies are being developed and advanced with the notion that they will find widespread use in the aerospace industry in the near future.
Jaguar C-XF first vehicle to use Wire in Composite
The exciting new Jaguar C-XF is the first application of motorsport specialists BERU F1 Systems Wire in Composite (WiC) technology. WiC completely encloses wiring looms in a bespoke carbon fibre sleeve, protecting them from damage.

Carbon Fibre Composite (CFC), like other composite materials, consists of carbon fibres embedded in a resin matrix which surrounds them and is tightly bound
Carbon Fibre Composites Manufacturing - Atlas Composites Ltd
Carbon fibre and composite materials design and manufacture for the aircraft and motor racing industries.
Vince Kelly's Carbon Fiber Home Page
In this picture you see the fibre changing color. Carbon fibers are used primarily in composites, these are structures containing two or more components
DTG: Pubblicazioni scientifiche del SIM
Atzori B., Quaresimin M. and Trattenero G. "Short Fibre Composite Materials: Found M.S. and Quaresimin M. "Fatigue damage of carbon fibre reinforced
Thermal Spray Coating Microstructure ( Glass and carbon Fibre
Coatings on Glass and Carbon Fibre Reinforced Composites. Plasma Spray Alumina Coating on Carbon Fibre Reinforced Composite Substrate
PhD studentship; Carbon Fibre Composite Aircraft Structures
PhD Studentship; Carbon Fibre Composite Aircraft Structures - Novel Solutions for High Performance Affordable Composites. School of Applied Sciences,
Carbon fibre composite impact tubes
Cranfield University has a wide variety of manufacturing facilities from Advanced high performance grinding machines to High Power Fibre Laser welding.
Carbon Fibre Composites in Orthopaedics
The Mission has recently for developing orthopaedic appliances to enhance surgical implants to international standards and thereby offering improved
GM boasts low-cost carbon-fibre composite - Brief Article Ward's
GM boasts low-cost carbon-fibre composite - Brief Article from Wards Auto World in Automotive provided free by LookSmart Find Articles.
Carbon fiber reinforced plastic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some composites contain both carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforcement. Japan Carbon Fibre Manufacturers Association (English) · Carbon fibre page from carbon+fibre+composite: , , carbon+fibre+composite
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