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1469 - Birth

1503 - Of the methods adopted by the Duke Valentino

1513 - The prince

1519 - Discourses on the first decade of Titus Livius
          First book
          Second book
          Third book

1520 - The art of war

1520 - The life of Castruccio Castracani

1525 - History of Florence
          First book
          Second book
          Third book
          Fourth book
          Fifth book
          Sixth book
          Seventh book
          Eighth book

1527 - Death



Alphabetical index of authors



Other authors of the XVI century:

    Pietro Aretino

    Ludovico Ariosto

    Zefiriele Tomaso Bovio

    Francesco Guicciardini

    Torquato Tasso

    Giorgio Vasari



Authors of the XVII century:

    Galileo Galilei

    Giambattista Marino


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the prince, the novella belfagor is signalled then, to him different hotels and some schools are devoted

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