Curriculum Vitae of Marina Sissa

Lives and plays his artistic activity in Casanova's Morbasco, fraz. Sesto ed Uniti, CR. Address: Marina Sissa Antoniazzi - Via Miglioli, 25 - and U.S. Sixth - Cremona - Cell 329-4931467 - ( The artist (PHOTOS) After graduating from the Art School of Novara, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan, address "Painting", graduating with a thesis on "The use of color, the symbolism of antiquity use therapy today. " He attended courses in the '70s art "figure" in the Artistic Group Leonardo di Cremona. Later, he served on the Board of Directors of the Group Artistic Leonardo, as head of the "Art Exhibitions" and held an art class teaching drawing and painting. He is currently a member of the Provincial Executive Council AICS - Culture sector - "Cremona Art", where it promotes, organizes and manages the various exhibitions of figurative art, including the most famous: "Lights, shadows and colors of the river Po" in conjunction with the Feast of the Father Po di Cremona, and "Shapes and Colors in Art" held annually since 1990 to the Chamber of Commerce of Cremona. And 'social artist all'ADAFA (Friends of Art - Artistic Family-Cremonese) since 2001. For several years she taught "Drawing and Painting" at the Popular University of LiberaEtà fields at the school of Cremona. He has held solo exhibitions and participated in several national and international art exhibitions. He has received awards in major art competitions. It 'quoted in various magazines and art publications. They wrote of his artistic activity known and qualified art critics. His works are in public and private collections both in Italy and abroad. In 1992, he developed the Manifesto of the "Book Fair" for the city of Cremona, also used for two successive events. In 1996 he created upon request, a "Crucifixion" for the Sanctuary "Madonna della Strada" of Grontardo (CR). At the invitation, attended the show in "Wagon DALI '" Rosas (Spain): the space surrealist world's smallest, made by the great master DALI', and made available by the writer and promoter Roger Erasmy as a European Train Painting integrated. (Documentation) At the invitation participated in the exhibition "Arlecchino" made in homage to Giorgio Strehler - photo of the painting exposed. The exhibition was inaugurated at the Piccolo Teatro of Milan and was later exhibited in New York (Italian University Zerilli-Marino), San Francisco (Frak V. de Bellis Collection J. Paul Leonard Library, State University) and Toronto (school center and culture "Columbus Centre"). (Catalog) He has organized, curated and participated in all annual reviews of the Christmas Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture "Colors and Shapes in Art" at the Auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce of Cremona from 1990 to the last in 2005 (brochures and calendarietti). His works are in public and private collections both in Italy and abroad, including: Barcelona - Italian Institute of Culture (Spain) Mim-Museum-in Motion Foundation of Ars-Pinacoteca di San Pietro in Cerro (PC) - (catalog Mazzotta) Foundation City of Cremona - Cremona Chamber of Commerce of Cremona; Church of the Madonna della Strada - Grontardo - CR; Banca Popolare di Milano in Florence (FI); Municipality of Cremona - Museali Systems; Provincial Administration of Cremona; Company Autonomous Ports of Cremona and Mantua - CR; City of Calusco d'Adda - Bergamo; Municipality of Sesto and States - Cremona; Common: Castelsardo (SS), Acquanegra Cremonese (CR), Manerba (BS), Grumello (CR), Monticelli d'Ongina (PC), Castelvetro Piacentino (PC), etc.. He parteciapato in numerous art exhibitions and artistic events in Cremona, Pavia, Milan, Piacenza, Florence, Italy, Turin, Genoa, San Remo, Rome, Spoleto, Venice, Ferrara, Reggio Emilia, Livorno, Abano Terme and other smaller towns, Castelsardo, Cesenatico, Bobbio, Castell'Arquato, Pandy, Casalmaggiore, Monticelli d'Ongina, Castelvetro PC, Cream, House, Castelponzone, Codogno, Bishopric, Riccione, Jesolo, Bormio, Sarezzo, Sirmione, Manerba, etc. Robecco d'Oglio. Exhibitions abroad: in France: Paris, Roquebrune, Nice, Toulouse, Perpignan, Cannes, Andorra, San Gaudens, St Paul de Vence; in Spain: Barcelona, ​​Cadaques, Roses, Figueras; United States of America: New York, San Francisco; in Canada: Toronto; China: Beijing (at the National History Museum in Tiananmen Square); in Austria: Innsbruck (at the Bertrand Kass gallery). Switzerland: Lugano (at the Galleria La); between the Personal, here are the most important: Sixth and States: Exhibition Room - City Hall - Staff in 1989 - 1999 - 2005; Artistic Group Leonardo - Cremona - Staff 1995; Franciscan cloister of St. Ambrogio - Cremona - Staff 1995; EICMA - Show Internazione Cycle-Fiera di Milano - Staff 2000 -2001 - 2002 - 2004; Artists Association Cremona - Cremona - Staff 2001; Art Gallery Zanetti-Cocoon - Mantova - Staff 2002; Cascina - Pisa - House of Culture - Staff - 2004; Le Mas de Pierre - Saint Paul de Vence - Nice-France-Staff - 2005; Galerie du Théâtre Jean Marmignon - Saint Gaudens - Toulouse - France - Personnel-2005; ADAFA-Artistic Association Cremonese - Personal / Anthology - (30 years of artistic activity) - 2006; Has participated in important Art Fairs: "ART SHOW" Genoa 1997 (catalog); "MIART" Milan 1998 - (catalog); "ART JONCTION" Nice 2000 - (documentation); "IMAGINE" Reggio Emilia 2000 and 2001 (catalogs); "ART CANNES" France 2002 - (catalog); The activity of painting Sissa is described and analyzed through critical interventions, reviews, submitted by: P. Negri, Giorgio Mori, A. Rescaglio, M. Gatti, G. Balistrocchi, T. Cordani, E. Maglia, L. Bonazzoli, D. Mattarozzi, D. Best, A. Chiappani, R. Torretta, F. Rossi, S. Carozzini, G. Falciola, M. Novelli, P. Sangiovanni - P. Flowers, R. Erasmy, T. Casilli, F. Monterosso, S. Fappanni, S. Galli, D. G. Carabba, M. Tosi, E. Olives, B. Caffi. With newspaper reviews of: The Province (CR), World Padano (CR), Chronicle Valley (CR) Catholic Life (CR), Liberty (PC), The Day (MI), Italy Today (BS), Journal of Valcamonica (BS), The Nuova Sardegna (SS), La Provincia Pavese (PV), Amigos (Spain), Midi Libre (Spain), The Independent (France), La Gazzetta dello Sport, The Nation (FI), Pegasus (FI), Journal of Beijing (China), Archives of Arts (MN), Pariscope (Paris), The Bicycle (Rome), The Voice of the People (BS), Il Resto del Carlino (FE)-The Gazzettino Illustrated (VE), The New Torrazzo (Cream ) Bicycling (Australia) - Panorama Art (Piacenza), produces Cremona (CR), Courier of Art (MI), Flash Art (MI), Eco Modern Art (FI), La Voce di Mantova - Nice Matin- Nice (France), La Depeche du Midi, Saint Gaudens - The Small (CR), Cremona24ore online. Has participated in bringing many awards, including: (1989) - "First Prize" extemporaneous examination of Cremona; (1991) - "town of Bishop's Award"; (1996) - "The Golden Madonna of Milan"; (1999) - "Premio Firenze"; (2000) - "Prize for the visual arts" Florence; (2001) - "First Prize Agazzi" Bergamo - photograph of the winner (2002) - "Premio Firenze-Fiorino d'Argento";

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