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03/09/2003: Site updated, most links now works and there is a great news! Bill Gates Fan Club (aka Microtribe) Community is back!

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The Bill Gates Fan Network Welcomes Fans of Bill Gates!

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ON HIS TRIP to India, Bill Gates of Microsoft Corp. was treated like a cross between a rock star and a head of state. Politicians lined up to greet him at the airport. Bollywood stars fawned over him. Health Minister Shatrughan Sinha, himself a former film star, joined in the general adulation: "We admire you for your looks," he said.

But Mr. Sinha, like many Indians, did not like everything about Mr. Gates's visit. He was delighted to hear Microsoft's founder gush about India's high-tech potential, but when Mr. Gates warned of the potential for an AIDS crisis, Mr. Sinha accused him of "spreading panic."

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