Maybe for lot of time it was discussed to make a cooperative tune done by many composers that work on it. Unfortunately I did not see the light for those type of tune.
So, maybe the best solution is to motivate the composers by a competition.
For this we try to make the big sid compo: maybe no one tune will be born by this compo, but we must try in every case!!.
The idea is simple: a composer must use one editor for composing a peaces of tunes, then another composer will take that tune and extends it, and so one until a big sid is made.
As there are many factor that inflence a tune (like the editor version to use, multispeed tune, PAL/NTSC frequency, and so on...) here we have taken some decisions to take low all this variables, as all composers must use the same tool.

To participate to this competition you must following the below rules:
Editor/Tracker Chip Type State Download Preview
Goattracker 6581 Done Done Being done Big 6581 Goattracker
8580 Free Big 8580 Goattracker
JCH 6581 Done Free Big 6581 JCH
8580 Being done Attending Attending Big 8580 JCH

In the above examples, the 6581 Goattracker tune is already done by 2 peoples (blue color) and one (red color) is now working onto it
The 8580 version of Goattracker is never done and they are free (green) for being used
The 6581 version of JCH is done by one people and now it is free for working on it
The 8580 version instead is being done by one people and 2 people (yellow color) is attending to working on