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All the programs I had write are available for download. Remember that you find only sources, not executable are in the zip archives!

pascal.tar.gz (427 KB) contains the first programs I wrote.

They were developed in Turbo Pascal 6.0 for PC and run in DOS mode. But there's one thing to know: they are the best example of sources horrible coding and comment, so you must be a programmer for make them run, but otherwise they are a good example of what computer programming may help to solve a problem.

In fact, you must see that the programs contain manual and automatic function that are switched on/off by comment the code, and also there's many different source for one order, because I need to modify and see the result of changes.

In the archive I have put some squares (saved with the format of the program) that illustrate the work, expectaly for the manual working.

cpp.tar.gz (94 KB) the new automatic programs that I write.

This program are being developed for helping non programmer people to generate the squares.
All the programs are in cpp language and are developed in Linux Red Hat 6.1. So I have test and compile them only in this system.

If you want to generate the executable programs, you must compile them with:
c++ name_of_file.cpp
the generate a.out is the executable.

cpp_new.tar.gz the new automatic programs that I write with new style.

This programs use a common engine (one for odd order, another for even) that allows easy upgrades. A Mekefile is provided, because it's now difficult to compile them.

I think you may not have compiling problem, because no not standard libraries are needed. However, if you are not able to compile them, I can e-mail you the Linux PC executables.

A final note: the cpp version are given with GPL license, while the pascal version are free for personal use (because I think that you should may not lose time for modifing them, use cpp version instead). the very new automatic programs that I write with new style (never released for years).

It uses a common engine for even and odd number. automatic programs modified for the experiment onto forum the latest automatic programs modified for the experiment onto forum. They goes up to order 63.

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