a QRSS/DFCW viewer

Latest version : V1, build 134



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Argo is a viewer for slow CW, like QRSS and DFCW

You can download it from this page. It is freeware for ham and hobbyist use.

Version 1, build 134  has the following changes WRT build 132 :

- Added time-of-events information on mouse cursor display
- Added Led to indicate capture status, clickable to change it
- Dialog for recomputing screenfull time when changing QRSS mode or speed
- The calibration function has been split for the horizontal and vertical scrolling modes

For questions, requests, bug reports, etc.  please contact me

For some notes about the optimal use of Argo, look here

Argo has been used for the first Transpacific test
on Long Waves. Click here for screen shots and comments.


Download ARGO V1, build 134 
See  the Readme file of build 134