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ZipTools is a free, powerful and useful tool that allows you to compress files with a percentage similar to WinZip.

The "Source File" button selects the file you want to zip. After you must select the name of the zipped file with "Destination File" button. The extension of the compressed file must be ".CPX" and you must type it manually.If you have specified either source or destination file the Compress button being enabled and clicking it you can generate the zipped file.

After the program can unzip the file selecting the zipped file in "Source File" and the new unzipped with "Destination File" button. Press Decompress to unzip the file.

You can compress content up to 8 or 15 percent more than ZIP, ARJ or WinRAR files. The main features are strong general and multimedia compression.

It's possible to view te compress percentage and other statistics in the main window.This software uses a proprietary compression system that allow to encrypt your files.

No other software can decrypt files processed with ZipTools nether other popular systems as Winzip or WinrRAR.


Contact us mailing to alpierlu@aruba.it to request the possibility to use our software in your business integrated system to compress or cript your data.


The ZipTools freeware software is free and  we cannot be liable for any damages of any kind,  or problems related to use of this software.

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