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Soft Share is an organization that products shareware, freeware and audio, video tools for internet.

Here are listed some of our products:

Shop Manager

Shop Manager is a system that allows you to manage a small company or a shop. It includes customers, suppliers, employees management and allows to store orders and print invoices in a simple and integrated system.

Click here to access to Shop Manager Help

You can download and try it for free at the link below:

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Clik  to Contact Us and access full Shop Manager functionality without program limitations.



ZipTools  is an easy-to-use tool that compress your files.You can compress content up to 8 or 15 percent more than ZIP, ARJ or WinRAR files. The main features are strong general and multimedia compression. In this site you can find the HELP to this products.

It's possible to view te compress percentage and other statistics in the main window.No other software can unzip files processed with ZipTools nether other popular systems as Winzip or WinrRAR.

You can see the HELP for this software at the link below:

Click here to access to ZipTools Help


FileEncode  allows to encrypt files with using a password. This software uses a proprietary compression system that allow to encrypt your files. You can encrypt file up to 1 GB (for example entire zipped folders as a backup). The method of encryption is proprietary and no other software use it so no other can decrypt your files without FileEncode and your password.



FileDivide is a java platform software. You can use also in machintosh and linux system.You must have a java virtual machine installed.

You can use it to split every type of file as mp3, mpg, rar and so on. It uses two java executable (Filedivide.jar and FileMerge.jar): The first makes you select the file to split and the dimension of splitted file in kbytes. After this it divides in a series of pieces the original file.

With FileMerge you select the first of the splitted files and you must type how many splitted files must be merged in one so you obtain the original file.

Click here to access to FileDivide Help



It's a system that let's you chat over internet and LAN.
It's a java platform software so you can use it also in machintosh and linux system with a java virtual machine installed. It uses two jar files: TCPServer.jar and TCPClient.jar.

The first one must be running and wait the connection from the second.After when you type IP number or host name in the connect dialog box you'll be prompted for the available connection. Now you can type any text message and send it with the butto "SEND".

You can  try it also in the same computer to test it's functionality.

It's a good safe system to talk through internet or in LAN with your collegue.

Click here to access to NetCommunicator Help


Contact us mailing to to request the possibility to use our software in your business integrated system to compress or cript your data.


Our freeware software is free and  we cannot be liable for any damages of any kind,  or problems related to use of this software.


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