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UK 1967 - Chelsea  ► FOTO - VIDEO
UK mid-60s - Shake  ► VIDEO

  The miniskirt is a skirt with its hemline well above the knees, generally at mid-thigh level, normally no longer than 10cm ( 4 in ) below the butt○cks .   If the top and skirt are all-in-one, then it is a mini-dress .   A micro-skirt is a miniskirt with its hemline at the upper thigh, at or just below cr○tch or underwear level .
The mini was the defining fashion symbol of "Swinging London" in the 1960s .
The miniskirt's existence in the 1960s is generally credited to the fashion designer Mary Quant , who was inspired by the Mini Cooper automobile, although the French designer Andre' Courreges is also often cited as its inventor ( the French referred to it as la mini-jupe ), and there is disagreement as to who invented it first .
Some give the credit to Helen Rose who made some miniskirts for actress Anne Francis in the 1956 science fiction movie " Forbidden Planet " , but examples of midresses appeared in previous sci-fi movies , like the minidress of Dale Arden in 1940s movie " Flash Gordon " .

Extremely short skirts became a staple of 20th-century science fiction , particularly in 1940s pulp artwork such as that by Earle K.Bergey who depicted futurustic women in 'stereotyped combination' of metallic miniskirts , bra and boots .

The 'Sci-Fi miniskirts' was seen in genre films and television programmes as well as on comic book covers .
The very short skirts worn by female characters played by Virginia Hewitt and Nina Bara in the 1950-55 television series "Space Patrol" have been suggested as probably the first 'micro-minis' to have been seen on American television .
1956 - Anne Francis  ► PHOTO GALLERY
Recently, Marit Allen, a Vogue " Young Ideas " editor at the time, has stated that "John Bates, in particular, has always been completely unappreciated for his contribution to the innovation and creativity he brought to the London design scene ." He bared the midriff, used transparent vinyl and, Marit Allen asserts, was responsible for "the raising of the hemline .   It was John Bates, rather than Mary Quant or Courreges, who was responsible for the miniskirt."
Bates' costumes and accessories for Diana Rigg , as Emma Peel in the ABC TV series, The Avengers, from 1965-7, helped to define " Mod style " .   As The Avengers' filmed episodes were made several months before screening, Avengers producer Brian Clemens confirmed in interviews that the miniskirt designed by Bates had to be used as a "gamble", since they did not know if it would catch on in public or be seen as a fashion failure by the time the episodes aired .   However, Emma Peel's fashions were accepted by the public and even spawned a line of replicas of her clothes for public sale .
Another, more "immediate" proponent of the miniskirt on television was Cathy McGowan, who introduced the weekly rock music show " Ready Steady Go! " (1964-66) .

  La minigonna e' una gonna con il bordo ben sopra il ginocchio ( generalmente 20cm o piu' ) ed e' stata il simbolo piu' significativo della "Swinging London" degli anni '60 .

La lunghezza e' variabile a seconda dei modelli , nei primi introdotti era di 10/15 cm o pi sopra la linea delle ginocchia , successivamente si fecero anche pi corti , fino a mostrare parte della coscia .
Pu essere aderente ( eventualmente con spacco centrale o laterale ) o meno ed realizzata in vari tessuti ( jeans, similpelle, cotone, PVC, ecc.) .

Il termine mini stato poi applicato anche ai vestiti che scoprono le gambe come le minigonne, nati nello stesso periodo, definiti mini-abiti .
Il termine micro-gonna viene invece applicato a gonne con l'orlo sulla parte superiore dela coscia , poco sotto il livello della bianchieria intima .
1970 - Exposure
micro-dress sixties boots
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USA 1969 - Very very short skirt
USA 1969 - Micro-dress & boots
L'invenzione della minigonna e' generalmente accreditata alla disegnatrice di moda Mary Quant , che fu ispirata dall'automobile Mini Cooper , ed allo stilista Francese Andre' Courreges , anch'esso spesso citato come inventore della mini-jupe . Ancora esistono discussioni su chi sia stato il primo .
Molti accreditano anche Helen Rose , che ideo' alcune minigonne per l'attrice Anne Francis nel film cult di Fantascienza " Il Pianeta Proibito " , girato nel 1956 , quasi un decennio prima della nascita ufficiale dell'indumento .
Occorre pero' notare che esempi di mini vestiti erano gia' apparsi in film di fantascienza precedenti, come l'abito di Dale Arden in " Flash Gordon " del 1940 .
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UK 1966 - Twiggy  ► FOTO
UK 1966 - Twiggy Lawson

Jane Birkin - "Blow-Up" 1966

Jane Birkin's film debut was in 1965 , but she reached notoriety with the following year's film, "Blow-Up" by Michelangelo Antonioni , in which she appears topless in a famous scene .
She quickly became an icon of Swinging London thanks to her androgynous body and her sensual femininity .

L'esordio cinematografico di Jane Birkin e' stato nel 1965 , ma e' con il film dell'anno successivo , "Blow-Up" di Michelangelo Antonioni , e con la scena ormai famosa in cui compare seminuda , che raggiunse la notorieta' .
Divenne in breve tempo un'icona della Swinging London grazie al suo corpo androgino ed alla sua femminilita' solare e sensuale .

Film " Blow-Up "   ► GALLERY

Jane Birkin scene ► VIDEO
sixties minidress
UK 1966 - Jane Birkin

sharon tate mini dress
USA 1968 - Sharon Tate "The Wrecking Crew"  ► FOTO  ► VIDEO
Sharon Marie Tate

American actress and model .
She made her film debut in 1961 , hailed as one of Hollywood's most promising newcomers .   In 1967 she performed in the film "The Fearless Vampire Killers" directed by her future husband Roman Polanski .   In 1969 , Tate and four others were murdered by members of the Manson Family .

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Modella ed attrice statunitense .
Durante gli anni sessanta intraprese la carriera cinematografica .   Acclamata come una delle novita' piu' promettenti di Hollywood , la sua fama crebbe in seguito al matrimonio con il regista Roman Polanski .
Fu uccisa nella sua casa di Cielo Drive , insieme a quattro amici , dai seguaci della setta di Charles Manson .

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sharon tate mini skirt
USA 1968 - Sharon Tate  ► FOTO

australian mini skirt
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Sidney 1969 - Australian hairstyle
London 1969 - British hairstyle

sylvie vartan mini-dress sixties
FR 1967 - Sylvie Vartan  ► VIDEO
Sylvie Vartan
Sylvie Georges Vartanian

Armenian-Bulgarian-French singer .   She is known as one of the most productive and though-sounding pop music y-y artists .   Her performances often featured elaborated show-dance choreography , and she made many appearences on French and Italian TV .   Vartan married the french rock-star Johnny Halliday in 1965 .   She is considered as a true legend in music and fashion icon .

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Cantante francese di origine armena e bulgara .   Inizio' ad incidere dischi nel 1961 ed e' considerata una delle piu' prolifiche artiste del genere pop chiamato "y-y" .   I suoi spettacoli erano spesso caratterizzati da elaborate coreografie , e fece innumerevoli apparizioni nelle TV francesi ed italiane .   Sposo' la rockstar francese Johnny Halliday nel 1965 .   E' considerata una vera leggenda della musica pop e della moda dell' epoca .

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sylvie vartan short skirt 1967

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UK 1968 - Jacqueline Bisset
UK 1968 - Jacqueline Bisset
Jacqueline Fraser Bisset

British actress and model , icon of style and eroticism .   She began her film career in 1965 and first came to prominence in 1968 with roles in "The Detective" , "Bullit" and "Sweet Ridge" .
In the 1970s , she starred in "Airport" and "The Mephisto Waltz" .   The 1973 film "Day for Night" , directed by Francois Truffaut , won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film ...

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Modella ed attrice britannica , icona di stile e di erotismo .   Inizio' la carriera cinematografica nel 1965 , ma balzo' all'attenzione nel 1968 , come protagonista femminile nel film "Bullit" con Steve McQueen .
La consacrazione a diva arrivo' nel 1973 , quando Francois Truffaut la chiama ad interpretare "Effetto notte" (Day for Night) , che vinse l'Oscar per il migliore film in lingua straniera ...

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UK mid-60s - Swinging Sixties fashion models
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UK 1969 - save the mini
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UK 1969 - Micro skirt in London
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UK 1970 - Fashion model
UK 1970 - Jilly Johnson
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Rome 1968 Trinity of the Mounts
IT 1966 - Raquel Welch in Rome
Rome 1967 - Trinity of the Mounts
The Shake dance

A dance of mid-1960s , characteristic of "tense jerkiness" of limbs and head shaking , basically with no particular danced moves or steps .
It superseded the " Twist " in popularity by 1965 .   It was a individualistic dance , with no steps , legs trembling , arms arbitrarily gesticulating and head shaking .   No partner was necessary .   It was part of the " Mod " subculture .

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Un ballo della meta' degli anni '60 , caratterizzato da scatti degli arti e della testa , privo di precisi movimenti o passi predefiniti .
Questo ballo supero' il " Twist " in popolarita' nel 1965 .   E' una danza individuale , quindi senza necessita' di un partner , composta da tremito o scuotimento di gambe e testa , unito al gesticolare arbitrario delle braccia .   Fu parte integrante della sub-cultura giovanile " Mod " .

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London 1967 - Carnaby Street
Ireland 1969 - Miniskirts and guns
Italy 1968 - La Polizia sta a guardare
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NL 1968 - Amsterdam girls
Italy 1970 - Filmino amatoriale
new york street 70s
USA 1970 - New York by night
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USA 1970 - New York by night
USA 1971 - Black Panthers
UK 1969 - Ascot horse racing
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UK 1970 - Shop assistants
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USA 1970 - Flight assistants
Pierre Cardin fashion models
FR 1970 - Nurse uniforms by Pierre Cardin

raquel welch vietnam 1967
Vietnam 1967 - Raquel Welch  ► FOTO
Raquel Welch
Jo Raquel Tejada

American actress and show-girl .
She is considered among the greatest sex symbols of Hollywood cinema of the years 60s and 70s .   In these images Raquel performing before 12,000 GI's in Da-Nang , South Vietnam , in 1967 , with Bob Hope's Christmas Show .

Raquel dancing with soldiers ► VIDEO

Attrice e show-girl statunitense .
E' considerata tra le piu' grandi sex symbol del cinema hollywoodiano nel periodo tra gli anni sessanta e settanta .   In queste immagini Raquel canta e danza davanti a 12000 soldati americani a Da-Nang , in Sud Vietnam , nel 1967 , durante lo spettacolo Natalizio di Bob Hope .

Raquel danza con i soldati ► VIDEO
raquel welch bodacious body 1967

charlotte rampling microskirt
UK 1968 - Charlotte Rampling

tina turner underwear legs 1970
USA 1971 - Ike and Tina Turner Revue
Tina Turner
Anna Mae Bullock

American singer and actress .   Widely referred to as the "Queen of Rock 'n' Roll" , she rose to prominence as the lead singer of the Ike an Tina Turner Revue , before launching a succesful career as a solo performer .

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Cantante ed attrice statunitense , tra le piu' acclamate interpreti della musica rock .   Con una carriera lunga piu' di mezzo secolo , cha va dagli anni 60 ai 2000 , e' stata definita "La regina del Rock and Roll" .

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Video  ►  Proud Mary - 1970
Video  ►  Feel Good - 1970
Video  ►  I Want To Take You Higher
Video  ►  River Deep - Mountain High
tina turner micro-skirt years 70s
USA 1970s - Tina Turner

jean shrimpton lambretta
IT 1967 - Jean Shrimpton  ► FOTO
raffaella carr mini cooper 1972
IT 1972 - Raffaella Carra' e Mini Innocenti  ► FOTO - FOTO