minigonne  minifaldas  minirocke
brigitte bardot microdress 1968
brigitte bardot microskirt 1960s
FR 1968 - B.B.  ► FOTO
micro-skirt 1970s
micro-dress 1970s
UK 1967 - Charlotte Rampling  ► FOTO
US 1970 - Brenda Sykes  ► FOTO
USA 1968 - Indianapolis
USA 1969 - Linda Vaughn  ► FOTO
UK 1967 - Judy Geeson  ► FOTO
UK 1967 - Twiggy Lawson  ► FOTO
UK 1968 - Judy Geeson  ► FOTO
UK 1968 - Barbara Ruskin
UK 1968 - Twiggy
UK 1966 - Twiggy

patti boyd minidress
patti boyd backside
UK 1966 - Pattie Boyd
UK 1966 - Pattie Boyd  ► FOTO
Something in the way she moves,
Attracts me like no other lover.
Something in the way she woos me.
I don't want to leave her now,
You know I believe in how.

Somewhere in her smile she knows,
That I don't need no other lover.
Something in her style that shows me.
I don't want to leave her now,
You know I believe in how.

You're asking me will my love grow,
I don't know, I don't know.
Stick around, and it may show,
But I don't know, I don't know.

Something in the way she knows,
And all I have to do is think of her.
Something in the things she shows me.
I don't want to leave her now.
You know I believe and how.

George Harrison "Something"  ► VIDEO
Pattie Boyd minidress sixties
Patricia Anne "Pattie" Boyd

A successful model during the 1960s and early 1970s , famous for the hair style - bangs long on the sides, short in the front .   She was known to frequent trendy clubs as well as the company of the era-defining designers Mary Quant and Ossie Clark .   She also appeared several times in the covers of the best-known British magazines , including the UK and Italian editions of Vogue .

She is best known as the wife of two famous rock musicians , George Harrison and Eric Clapton .

Pattie was the inspiration for one of Harrison's most famous Beatles songs , " Something " .
Clapton wrote the famous love song " Wonderful Tonight " for Pattie while waiting for her to get ready to go out to Paul and Linda McCartney's annual Buddy Holly party .

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Patty Boyd minidress 1966

US 1969 - New York  ► FOTO
US 1969 - New York  ► FOTO
US 1969 - High School
US 1968 - High School  ► FOTO

Mary Hopkin folk singer
Mary Hopkin minidress
UK 1969 - Mary Hopkin  ► FOTO
UK 1969 - Mary Hopkin  ► VIDEO
Mary Hopkin

Welsh folk singer and songwriter .
She is best known for her 1968 UK number 1 single " Those were the days " .   Mary Hopkin was one of the first artists to be signed to the Beatles' Apple Records label .

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Cantante folk britannica .
Durante una cena nel maggio del 1968 , la modella Twiggy segnalo' a Paul McCartney la ancora sconosciuta diciassettenne gallese Mary Hopkin .   Lui rimase affascinato dalla sua voce eccezionale .   La Hopkin entro' cosi' a far parte della scuderia Apple Records , e le fu scelto un brano adatto alle sue caratteristiche vocali ed interpretative " Those were the days " , che venne inciso negli studi di Abbey Road ...

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Mary Hopkin pop music
Londra 1969 - Mary Hopkin

smashing time 1967
lynn redgrave 1967
1967 "Smashing Time"  ► FOTO
UK 1967 - Lynn Redgrave  ► VIDEO
USA 1969 - Natalie Wood
USA 1969 - Natalie Wood  ► FOTO
FR 1969 - France Gall
FR 1969 - French girl  ► VIDEO
girl miniskirt boots 70s
punk girls years 1970s
UK 1970s - London girl
UK 1977 - Punk girls
british girl micro-dress 1967
french micro mini jupe 1968
UK 1967 - British girl
FR 1968 - French women
FR 1970 - Paris street style

model julie ege 1970s miniskirt
actress julie ege 1971 miniskirt
UK 1971 - Julie Ege
UK 1971 - Julie Ege
Julie Ege

Norwegian actress and model , who appeared in many British films of the 1960s and 1970s .

At the age of 15 , she began to work as a model .
In 1962 , she came second in Miss Norway at the age of 18 , and subsequently partecipated in Miss Universe .
She was a Penthouse Pet of May which landed her a role in 1969's film "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" as Helen , the 'Scandinavian girl' .
She later starred in various films like "Creatures the World Forgot" and "The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires" .
Ege is probably best remembered for her role in the 1971 comedy film "Up Pompei" .   She played Voluptua , a Roman ruler .

Her career , as well as her illness is described in detail in her autobiography "Naken" (Naked) ...

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julie ege 1970s micro dress

IT 1967 - Paper minidress
USA 1969 - Students
Habana 1970 - Schoolgirls
Washington 1968 - Schoolgirls

olivia newton john 70s microskirts
olivia newton john 1970 miniskirts
1970s - Olivia Newton John
1970s - Olivia Newton John
Dame Olivia Newton-John

British-born Australian singer and actress .

She is one of the best-selling music artists from the second half of the 20th century to the present .
In 1978 , Newton-John starred in the musical film " Grease " , wich became the highest-grossing musical film ever at the time and whose soudtrack remains one of the world's best-selling albums of all time .

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Cantante ed attrice britannica-australiana .

Con oltre 100 milioni di dischi , e' nel novero degli artisti piu' venduti durante la seconda meta' del ventesimo secolo .
Nel 1978 ha recitato nel film musical " Grease " (Brillantina), la cui colonna sonora rimane uno degli album piu' venduti al mondo con oltre 38 milioni di copie .

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olivia newton-john 1970 microdress
Olivia Newton-John  ► FOTO

suzy kendall 1969 minidress
suzy kendall 1969 miniskirt legs
UK 1969 - Suzy Kendall
UK 1969 - Suzy Kendall  ► FOTO
silva koscina miniskirt 1968
suzy kendall miniskirts 1967
IT 1968 - Sylva Koscina
UK 1967 - Suzy Kendall  ► FOTO
IT 1968 - Shake dance
UK 1968 - Maxi & Mini
Madrid 1968 - Model
Svezia 1968 - ABBA
UK 1968 - Charlotte Rampling
USA 1967 - Leonard Cohen + Joni Mitchell
jane birkin micro-dress boots
jane birkin micro-skirt boots
FR 1970s - Jane Birkin
FR 1970s - Jane Birkin  ► VIDEO
Londra 1969 - Martha Laycock
Londra 1966 - Susan George  ► FOTO
1970s - Helmut Newton
1970s - Woody Allen
french nice girls
FR 1969 - Nice
CA 1969 - Toronto  ► FOTO
UK 1970s - London models
gogo girls 1967 miniskirts
Swinging sixties - Dancing Shake  ► VIDEO