Didactic and scientific advice by LIPU and Spelaeological Dauno Group
The aim of this plan, turned to the world of the school, it is not to make become everyone naturalist or geologist, but to make know the enormous problematics about fauna and ecosystem in its globality, and also to take conscience of the serious problems provoked by our daily act. From this knowledge we hope today's boys become the new men of the future, whose acting, in whichever field they work, can be respectful of all the living beings, animals and plants, and of not living elements. The proposal consist in the organization and realization of didactic participations in classroom about karstism, environmental protection and guided naturalistic excursions.

Karstic areas and caves environmental degradation is unfortunately one real problem for the Gargano too. In some cases this degradation it's about simple aesthetic damage produced from irresponsabile removal and/or destruction of spelaeothems, or from the bad custom to testify own presence with disfiguring writtens. More serious it is, instead, the deprecabile custom to unload in the cavities carcasses of animals, pesticides, special scrap irons of motor vehicles, medicinal past due and other refusals. Naturally karstic areas and caves aesthetic disfigurement is a very little thing in relation to bacteriological and chemical contamination. It is opportune to specify that the pollution possibilities of karstic waters are greater than waters coming from porous lands, because in a water-bearing karstic lacks or is null nearly purification action that, in varied measure, there is when waters leak in the interstices of lands of other nature.

Signoritti Cave (Gargano). Too much often karstic caves are used as dumping ground to
get rid of every kind of refusals.

This plan, supported by National Park of the Gargano, resolves to realize a cognitive surveying aimed at observe the state of the environmental conservation of existing spelaeo-karstik patrimony in the territory of the Park.

In order to value and to disclose the acquaintance of the important spelaeokarstic and biospelaeologic patrimony of National Park of the Gargano, is currently in project a permanent show that with its images, witnesses and diagrams has the objective to become a didactic-divulgative information and point of reference for the Park visitors and in particular for scholastic institutions interested to these thematics. In the forty panels that will be prepared, will come illustrated with clear and synthetic language, geologic and geomorphologic characteristics of this Promontory and will be explained morphogenetic dynamics that leads to the formation of the karstic phenomena. Wide space will be given, moreover, to caves and water-bearing karstic pollution and to relative behavioural norms to protection and conservation of the same ones. Biospelaeology will be the other great considered topic. It will be spoken diffusely about the present shapes of life under earth, with particular existing reference to the species in the Gargano and Puglia cavities. The museum will be equipped of a multimedia emplacement where topographical news, reliefs and images of the Gargano cavities will be able to be obtained, and of a great plastic in scale with the cracked of a typical karstic territory .

In the sphere of divulgative and didactic activities that LIPU and GSD are supporting for a long time in the territory of S.Nicandro, with the sponsorship of the Scientific Search Ministry and the local Communal Administration, it's proceeding to the realization of a biospelaeologic laboratory in cave, finalized to search activity and study of ipogea fauna.