How I Run a Tualatin CPU on a abit BX133 raid (part II)


Hi , here you are an update the the page I wrote before about running a Tualatin on a i440BX based board 

I noticed on the web (in several HW forums) there is a easyer way to do the mod.

The interested pins are less than we thought and the work seem to be more affordable than the other i saw


Here you are a pic of the Abit BX133 Raid and the pin-hole that we need to modify  :




According to the following processor pinout :


Here's all we have to do to make working our Tualatin on the BX133 Mainboard :


  1. Insulate the red pins on the processor pin side (using nail lacquer for instans)

  2. Connect the  green pins together  to adjust the CPU voltage at a rough value of 1.65V using a thin wire

This means that the cpu works with an extra voltage to make easyer overclocking .It also seem quite a safe overvolt

That's all .Our Tualatin is now ready to run on the i440BX board




I'm still waiting for my Tualatin CPU to fit in the ABIT socket370, so i can't ensure that this mod would work on these boards

This mod seems to be right with ABIT BX133 and ASUS CUSL2 mainboards,but i don't know if it works with slocket adapters

(i think it should)

I'll update this page with my results as soon as possible.