How to Run a Tualatin CPU on a abit BX133 raid


Even if, according to Intel datasheets , we need a new step of chipset to run a Tualatin CPU there's a way to run it also on the

good old i440 BX chipset... ehehehe

There are a few modification to do on the pin side of the cpu and /or the motherboard socket


Here you are a pic of the Abit BX133 Raid and the pin-hole that we need to modify  :




According to the following processor pinout :


Here's all we have to do to make working our Tualatin on the BX133 Mainboard :


  1. Insulate the red pins on the processor pin side (using nail lacquer for instans)

  2. connect the AK4 red pin to the AK26 blue pin with a thin insulated wire, do it directly on the cpu, not behind the socket 370

  3. connect the AK36(Vid4) green pin to AM34(Vss) yellow one to adjust the CPU voltage at a rough value of 1.475V using a thin wire


That's all .Our Tualatin is now ready to run on the i440BX board



I'm still waiting for my Tualatin CPU to fit in the ABIT socket370, so i can't ensure that this mod would work on these boards

I know that connecting AK4 to AK26 pin should bring the signal to AK4 pin too hight  so i'll try running the cpu without

connecting these pins .

I also figure that it will be simplyer for the voltage adjustment to connect the AK36 pin to the AL35(Vid0) one, infact this pin is 

already connected to the Vss  inside the CPU

I'll update this page with my results as soon as possible.