Every grain of sand is my unofficial Bob Dylan [and several others: from Tori Amos to Frank Zappa] trading page.


Everything on my lists (CDRS, audio tapes, video tapes) is only for trade and NOT for Sale.

My lists do not include official material and I absolutely do NOT accept any trade which includes official recordings.

I am willing to trade on a 1 to 1 basis. Anyway, if you are a newbie, or have nothing to trade, e-mail me as we may be able to set up a B&P trade (if you don't know what B&P means, see the end of this page).


If you want to set up a trade you can reach me at the following address:


E-mail me also if you need more information (tracklisting, comments, quality, and so on) about the cdrs or tapes you are interested in.


Please follow these few rules for a fair trade:


         Use name brand cdrs (eg. TDK, Verbatim, Imation, Memorex, Kodak ).

         I don't mind how you burn them as long as the cdrs are of good quality, but please do not burn faster than 8x. I burn from an image on the Hard Drive.

         I send cdrs with printed artwork (a copy of the original, if I own it, otherwise I send a self-made one) only if you request it and I expect you do the same.

         When you take the cdrs out of your burner, put them directly into a sleeve/paper, sleeve/case logic storage sleeve, or similar product for protection. I do this also.

         Please burn the cdrs DAO (disc-at-once). If it is impossible for you to do it, please let me know and wait for my response before burning them TAO (track-at-once).

         I send the cdrs out in a care mail envelope, usually with extra packing around the discs. If you can, please do the same.

         Send your cdrs without jewel cases, but please pack each one in a sleeve.

         I always ship by priority mail. Please do the same, especially if you live overseas.


         I mainly trade CDRS, and at the moment I am unable to burn cdrs from tapes (not yet! J ) .

         If you would like to have tapes, I can dub from tape to tape, from disc to tape, from CD and CDRS to tape.

         I use only chrome quality high bias audio tapes (usually Maxell XLII, Maxell XLII-S, TDK SA, Sony UX). Please send these brands or another of equal quality.

         No dolby (except if you request it)

         No high-speed dubbings.

         I include artwork and send tapes with or without plastic cases (your choice).


         I use TDK, JVC, MAXELL, BASF video tapes. Please use the same (or others of equal quality).

         I tend to use 180 minutes tapes (but if you prefer 240 minutes tapes, and want to save on postal fees, please let me know and we can trade also).

         Use only regular speed. No half-speed dubbing. Absolutely.


About the images:

I used several images to build my site. If you know of any copyright infringement regarding the pictures on my pages, or if you know the photographer that I can credit, please let me know.


What is a B&P?

B&P basically stands for Blanks and Postage. This arrangement allows a new trader who has a small or non-existent collection to acquire shows. In return for sending blank discs with return postage, one can end up with the shows he likes on CDR. It is important to note that shows are NEVER sold, and the practice of sending more blanks than the show requires is frowned upon with Dead shows. Traders of other bands don't find this to be such a horrible practice, and it is not unusual to see this request. Remember, it is your choice to participate, and you can choose to avoid this arrangement if it bothers you.

You send off the required number of blank CD-R discs, along with a return mailer with sufficient postage. The trader takes your blank discs and records the concert into those discs, and then mails them back to you. The trader receives nothing in return for this service. Remember, B&Ps are aimed at getting you started. Once you've got some shows and the ability to burn copies, you can graduate to trading shows. And don't forget to offer up a B&P occasionally to the new guys!

If you want to read more about B&P trades, take a look here:

and here:"


Many thanks to Johanna, my Canadian friend who helped me to write this page in proper English. Thanks, Jo!