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- The Itinerary -
The Gota Kanal tour comes up from Sven e Marie Bjorving's travel agency Cycling Sweden in Katrineholm that, over this, it suggests different cycling holiday opportunities in the middle and southern Sweden using the dense cycle tracks and the attractions that this great nothern country offers.
Flying from Italy, together with our inseparable tandem and with the help of our friend Flavio from Stockholm, we decided to start our cycle raid just from Lidingo, where he lives. We go through the lake Malaren by a steam boat and, reached Mariefred, we start in tandem towards Katrineholm where together with other Cycling Sweden people (4 Americans and 4 Germans)
, we start the Gota Kanal Tour that in seven days, going through the Sormland and the Ostergotland countries, it will brings us back to Katrineholm. But for us it isn't ended yet. There is another long cycle transfer to Gnesta, a trip by train to the central station of Stockholm and the last 10 kilometers pedalling to Lidingo. Not still tired, after a quietness day, we start for the long and beautiful Stockholm archipelago trip, that this 109 km and 1000 meters drop it will keep us busy for all the day. So, after 15 days under the clear nothern sky, we take the fly and return in Italy.
- Sweden Cycle Paths-
- A dense system of cycle paths sign indicated, crosses sweden territory specially in southern regions. These cycle paths are only for bikers inside populated cities or in particoular tourist places, otherwise they use secondary few traffic roads.
We'll follow some portion of 700 km of
Nackrosleden cycle paths, a considerable part of Langs Gota Kanal, a little piece of 300 km of Runt Vattern and Sverigeleden that with 6600 km is the longer cycle path and crosses Sweden territory from South to North.
In the Stockholm archipelago track we'll often see
the Kustlinjen sign, that is the 565 km cycle path that follows the eastern and southern coast of Stockholm Baltic see, whereas Cykelsparet is the path that reachs Finland by the Botnian bay side.

- Travel Logistics -
- How to arrive in Stockholm -
- To arrive in Stockholm from Italy, the best solution is air.
For us, that we shold carry our tandem, it was a little more complicated.

Taking into account that the intrusion of our luggage (100 x 190 x 30) the only more secure solution was using the SAS company that from Milan Malpensa reaches Stockholm stopping over Copenaghen.
To avoid the undesiderable inconvenience of not find our luggage at Stockholm arrival we advise to not take the first flight following the call in Copenhagen, but leave at least 2 hours as time for a correct transfer luggage from a plane to the other.

- Packing and Shipping Baggage
- It is important to care the packaging. The simple cardboard in not enough. Especially the exchange and the toothed wheel of our tandem that in the departing travel took hard blows risking of shatter our holiday. The bags cost too much and if they are not rigid protect too little, the best solution is to use panels of polystyrene of at least 3 cm and to wrap everything with a couple of layers of pluriballand then forge strong the package with tape for packages.
Having not usual dimensions, just made the check-in, the tandem is delivered separately from other baggage in the section "luggage outside measure" that is in all the airports.

- Saturday 9 August 2008 - the 1st stage:
Lidingo - Stoccolma + battello + Mariefred - Malmkoping
Departure with sun and thundery in the afternoon
Leaving Flavio's house at 9, 00 a.m. with sunny and cool breeze we move towards the centre of Stockholm on port of the lake and at 10.00 o'clock we embark on the steam boat to Mariefred. After 61 Km of navigation, at half past one we arrive in the small Mariefred harbor.
On cycling path through woods and lakes we move into Akers Styckebruk and to Soderlanna we left on the road 55. Near Bjorndammen, invested by a heavy thunderstorm, we find shelter under the canopy to a garage. After half an hour we return again to cycling for go last 15 km to reach the Hotel Plevnagarden of Malmkoping.

Departure from Stockholm in steamboat towards Mariefred The famous Gripsholm castle in Mariefred Toward Malmkoping Arrival in Malmkoping

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- Sunday 10 August 2008 - the 2nd stage:
Malmkoping - Katrineholm
Cloudy and cool

Departure from malmkoping at 9.10 a.m., after having turned in country in search of the road to follow, we take one dirt road in the direction of Smedstorp. Here we meet the yellow and black
Nackrosleden indication that we follow and between forests and crops, in continuous ups and downs, we cross Halleforsnas. Before reaching Valla, we pass the 57 Highway and continue to the Nackrosleden up to Forssjo, then we go up the last 10 km to the Hotel Duveholm Herrgard of Katrineholm.
On the lake at Forssjo

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- Monday 11 August 2008 - the 3rd stage:
First stage of the Gota Kanal tour
Katrineholm - Vreta
Km 48 on the track (for a mistake we carried out 60 km) Sunny in the morning, thunderstorms in the afternoon

After taking the trip informations from Mr Sven we leave Katrineholm at 10.00 a.m. At the exit of the hotel we take a cycling path up to Forssjo where we take the Nackrosleden that turn us away from inhabited world and enters in a thick wood. Reached the lake of Eriksberg, crossed the castle, we opt for the cycle of right that Mr. Sven has indicated as the most beautiful and panoramic. After a few km in gravelled road the path continues on asphalt between forests and crops of cereals. After Bjarsatter our route shall meet the other cycle path that after the castle turned left going through Bjorkvik. Now Nackrosleden shall proceed between forests and farms with a series of continuos ups and downs, it exceeds the Enaren lake and the village of Vira. It's half past 12.00 pm when we stop to eat near Sandstugan. Interrupted by a sudden thunderstorm we continue our path and, in our enthusiasm, we don't see a marker that indicated to turn left and that would have brought us to the hotel in two kilometers. Doing wrong we proceed straight through under the highway E4 until we cross the highway. We turn right and, under another thunderstorm, we reach Stavsjobruk. Found shelter and information, after the magical coffee prepared by Flavio and with a shining sun, we reach our hotel to Vreta (. our mistake cost us a storm and an extra path of 12 Km).

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- Tuesday 12 August 2008 - the 4th stage:
Second stage of the Gota Kanal tour
Vreta - Soderkoping
Sunny and windy
We leave Vreta at 9,15 am after the usual abundant breakfast in a windy and sunny morning. Following the Nackrosleden after a couple of km on the highway we turn right, going over an uphill and overcome Alberga. We continue along on the tarmac road the Nackrosleden we reach Kvarsebo and a great fjord on the Baltic Sea that we follow for a couple of Km towards right until the free ferry that connects the continuation of the road to the south. After the ferry, our challenge will be fighting against a hot sun and a strong wind against to our direction more than 20 km crossing Husby and Kuddy. A km after Kuddy, the Nackrosleden turns left in a gravelled road towards Mem. Over the castle, we descend on the shore of the sea with a beatiful beach point where the Gota Kanal leads in the Baltic Sea. The time to eat something and for a good coffee, taking some photos at the lock, and we follow the new cycle path "Langs Gota Kanal" until Soderkoping.

Giancarlo and Cristina at the  start of Gota Kanal Flavio at the start of Gota Kanal The gulf on the Baltic Sea to the top of Gota Kanal The first lock on the Gota Kanal

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- Wednesday 13 August 2008 - the 5th stage:
Third stage of the Gota Kanal tour
Soderkoping - Linkoping
Km 55 on the track (for a mistake we carried 67 km and 300 md) Sunny and windy
Leaving Soderkoping we take the Langs Gota Kanal until the banks of the lake Asplangen that we skirt on the right side between holiday villages and woods. At the end of the lake leaving the wood we catch again the Langs Gota Kanal. We stop for a refreshment on the staging point of Brattom. In Norsholm we divide and leave the kanal that enters the lake Roxen, we cross the rail and follow the asphalt cycle path that crosses Backeby, Lillkirka, O' Skrukeby. To Asplorpet we don't see the indication for Linghem 2 where we should have turn for Rystad and continue towards the North. Not seeing more cycle path signs, we cross award Bjursbi and Distorp to reach the town of Linkoping after extending the path of 12 km.

The port of Soderkoping Landscapes in the green on Gota Kanal On Langs Gota Kanal cycle path The refreshment at the lock of Brattom
Lillkirka One street of Linkoping

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- Thursday 14 August 2008 - the 6th stage:
Linkoping - Motala
Fourth stage of the Gota Kanal tour
Cloudy weather, rain and strong winds
At 8,45 am we leave the Scandic hotel of Linkoping and, under a cloudy sky that threat rain, we take the cycle path that leads us to Berg.
After a little stop at the monastery, let's take the Gota kanal. It is here at Berg that, with a series of 7 locks, the channel raises the vessels of 36 metres from the level of below Lake Roxen. We follow the track on the channel up to Borenberg where a thick rain with strong gusts of wind side will accompany us on the section of Sverigeleden
up to Motala. We come to the hotel "M" in the town on the banks of Vattern lake at 02,30 pm with a clear sky and a very strong wind
Berg's locks Motala on the banks of Vattern Lake

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- Friday 15 August 2008 - the 7th stage:
Motala - Askersund
Fifth stage of the Gota Kanal tour
Beautiful weather and wind to favour
The days they run fast as the clouds in the North skies, as the kilometers under our weels. As planned, the strong wind that blows from the South-West and that yesterday it slowed our march, today that we move towards the north it give us a strong thrust as we rise considerably the average speed.
We start to 8,30 taking the new cycle on asphalt from the blue cartel Runt Vattern that initially runs along the lake Vattern for then point towards north-east up to Godegard.
Now it begins a beautiful gravelled road towards the North-West and that crosses the minig village of Zinkgruvan in a beautiful scenery of woods and lakes. Our cycle path will return on asphalt a few km before Ammeberg. We consume our meal on the shores of Lake Ammelangen before doing the last 10 km that separate us from Askersund, that we reach at 02,30 pm.
On the "Runt Vattern"  cycle path towards Lemunda Skirting the Lake Vattern At Godegard with our Americans friends On the shores of Lake Ammelangen

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- Saturday 16 August 2008 - the 8th stage:
Askersund - Regna
Sixth stage of the Gota Kanal tour
Cloudy in the morning then variable
We start at 8.50 am under a cloudy sky and with a little fog. We take backwards the cycle path travelled yesterday until Amme. We turn left along the highway and follow up to Angermanland where we turn right towards Ronneshytta following the green sign of Sverigeleden.
In Ronneshytta, following the cycle path, we left on a gravelled road. Now start a long stretch of road through the woods and lakes, exceed the villages of Galsjo, Svaldre, Narkesberg and Haddebo until we cross hightway 51. We left and after 1,5 Km of road we turn right towards Bo. We leave Sverigeleden turning right. After about 4 km we stop in a pic-nic area in the lakeside Avern (the cartel indicates"badplats" on the right side) for the usual lunch. A short rain advise us that we have to go, so we start and arrive in Regna at 01.50 pm in the sun.

On the Sverigeleden towards Regna Stop for lunch on the Lake Avern Arrived to Regna The museum park in Regna

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- Sunday 17 August 2008 - the 9th stage:
Regna - Katrineholm
Seventh stage of the Gota Kanal tour
Cloudy weather
This is the shortest stage of our tour, let's use it for starting later.
At 09.15 we leave the Hotel Regnagarden under a cloudy sky and with temperature of about 15 degrees. Returned to the junction with the highway we turn right toward Odestorp and about 1 km turn left again to Regnaholm and Havlagard following the Sverigeleden on a dirt road. At the crossroad of Havlagard we turn left on asphalt for about 1 km to Havlabruk. At the next crossroad we turn right following the indications for Katrineholm, Sverigeleden and
Nackrosleden. Carry on to Katrineholm where we'll find the Hotel Duveholm Herrgard that we leaved a week ago.
Leaving the lake of Regna The cycle trail Sverigeleden towards Regnaholm

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- Monday 18 August 2008 - the 10th and the last stage:
Katrineholm - Gnesta + treno + Stoccolma - Lidingo
Cloudy and rain
Unwillingly we leave Katrineholm and the Duveholm Herrgard Hotel at 08.30.
The sky is cloudy and there are 17 degrees when we start for this last transfer stage. Following highways 55 to Flen and 57 to Gnesta we cross from West to East all the Sormland Country. At 12.30, sodden from the frequent rains, we arrive to the Gnesta Train Station. It's a pity to see so a beautyful place with the bad weather. After having eaten and refreshed we take the train to Sodertalje, the we take another one to that it will bring us to the central station of Stockholm that we reach at 15.30. The last 10 km cycling to cross the city and reach Flavio's house in the quiet island of Lidingo.
So we have finished our long journey between the regions of Sormland and Ostergotland lasted 10 days cycling for 627 km with 4000 meters of drop.

Arrived to Gnesta Waiting the train for Stockholm

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- Wednesday 20 August 2008 -
Out of programme: The Stockholm Archipelago tour
Sunny and warm weather
Only a day after the end of our raid we already want to return to pedal.
Flavio has prepared for us a ring route through five island of the great archipelago in the east of Stockholm.
So we start at 09.00 from Lidingo to the South, crossing the centre of the city and then on cycle paths up to take the Varmdovagen that, to the east exceeded Gustavsberg, it will bring us to the Varmdo island.
We'll follow Varmdovagen (Highway 274) to the North, overcoming Torsby, Angsvik and Siggesta Gard untill to reach the port of Stenslatten where we'll take the ferry to Rindo island.
Let's take the 274 that, for the distance of 6,5 km, crosses the island and ended at the second ferry to the beautyful island of Vaxholm with its pleasant town which overlooks the Baltic sea.
In Vaxholm we'll stop to eat. The sun beats strong and there are 25 degrees when we start in the Stockholmvagen (Highway 274). After few km we turn left crossing a bridge and following Bogesund indications. A secondary road between forests and lakes leads us to the beautiful castle of Bogesund before to rejoin to the usual Highway 274. Exceeded the bridge of E18 Hyghway, We descend to the South and by cycle paths, crossing Taby and Danderyd, we found the indications for Stockholm and Lidingo that we'll achieve in the late afternoon.

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