It is about the Lake of Constance tour in 4 days by tandem. Initially, it was thought to do only and just around the lake, and with this idea in February I had started to book the hotels. Then a friend told me about Schaffhausen's waterfalls, so I decided to stretch the path. It was indeed worth it.


- How to get to the start -
We chose to start the trip from Bregenz, Austria, because it is the smallest town on the lake closest to Italy, because it is well structured as hotels and also with parking spaces suitable for hosting the cars of those like us want to tour Lake by bicycle, and then, let's all say, Austria is less expensive than Switzerland.
Getting to Bregenz is simple, you have to descend from the Rhine Valley, or from S.Bernardino, or Spluga, or, as we did from the Engadine through the Albulapass or Julierpass.
In the Rhine valley there are 118 km of Swiss highway to do. Remember to buy the stamp, you can find it at customs cost of CHF 40. You exit the motorway at Lustenau, then follow the signs for Bregenz


- Monday July 31, 2017 - Arrival in Bregenz (Austria):
Weather: Nice and warm
Departure from Incudine (BS) 8.30am by car.
Aprica - Tirano (at the customs we buy Swiss freight ticket 40 FRS - € 35,36) - Poschiavo - Bernina - Albula - lunch at Ela Park.
14.00 short visit to Vaduz (FL)
At 4.00 pm arrival at Bregenz Hotel Linde
18.30 visit to the Parkplatz, great free parking where tomorrow we will post the car
19:00 dinner at the Reblaus restaurant in the city (Hotel Linde's hotel is closed).

- Tuesday August 01,2017 - 1st Stage:
Bregenz - Berlingen
Weather: Nice, hot afraid, strong thunderstorm with hail in the evening
From the Parkplatz in Bregenz where I left the car we take the lake bike pathin the direction of Switzerland. We leave the Austrian Voralberg and enter the Swiss territory. The bike path is continous and well reported, unfortunately it is very bumpy at this time and this conditiones us a lot on the roadmap. We cross typical villages such as Arbon and Egnach where we stop for lunch. In the afternoon we resume to pedal under a burning sun. There is no wind and the humidity is very high. We over Kreuzlingen and close the stage at Berlingen at 5pm. After our arrival, the end was unleashed. Strong thunderstorms with hail and wind throughout the night. The next day we will find broken branches and fallen trees throughout the final stretch of the lake.
- Wednesday August 02, 2017 - 2nd Stage:
Berlingen - Schaffausen - Iznang
Weather: Nice, fresh in the morning, hot in the afternoon
It is the day of Schaffhausen and its famous waterfalls. An exciting show. Not badly call them "The Niagara of Europe". Although very tiring, this was the most beautiful stage of the tour. We leave at 9.00 am along the bike path between the lake and the evergreen forest and with frequent breaks due to branches and trees fallen by the strong night storm that the staff are preparing to remove. Beyond the Rhine Bridge, we reach Stein. We are in Germany at the end of the lake. Walking past the beautiful village, and after a few shots and shooting, we resume the march towards Schaffhausen that we reach midday. It is not over yet, to reach the waterfalls there are still 5 km on dirt road and with a couple of 20% ramps that I prefer to tackle to avoid risking breakage of the free wheel ratchet. (In the past I happened to blow the ratchet up over 25% and with only 165 kg of overall weight, on this trip our full load tandem weighs 188 kg, better not risk with excessive slopes even if the 22x36 Would allow it!). Fortunately this stretch is all under the woods and the heat is attenuated. Having reached the waterfalls, tied the tandem, on guided touristic path we visit this wonderful place. Going back to Stein, we stop in the woods for lunch. Then, under a fire sunshine and a dreary heat, we pedal towards Iznang which we reach at 17am. Iznang is a quiet village near the lake, it is a magnificent place.
- Thursday August 03, 2017 - 3rd Stage:
Iznang - Konstanz - Uberlingen
Weather: Cloudy in the morning, hot in the afternoon

It is the day of Constance, the pretty town that gives its name to the lake. Depart at 9.00 am, we reluctantly leave the small paradise of Iznang and resume pedaling through the woods and the lake on a beautiful dirt bike path. After 5 km we reach the town of Radolfzell and, as usual every morning, we do the grocery shopping for lunch. Let's continue, between ups and downs to Constance which, hand-tandem, we visit the historic center. All around, besides the lake, there is a dense network of cyclists also with aerial bridges, to allow a pedestrian people of all ages and from everywhere to reach the center safely. What progress! It's getting late and it starts the usual heavy hot. We must face the rise of Wallausen before the food stop. Let's take the usual bicycle path to the other branch of the lake and start the Wallausen climb in the sun of the 13th. The first kms are pretty bad, with remarkable but not impossible slopes. The bicycle is almost always on the road to Liggeringen, where on the right we finally enter the woods and reach a small step at 630 m. Of height, past which we will go down again to the lake. It is a beautiful place, the highest point of the whole tour, many large dirt roads between the woods and a large lawn, a beautiful fountain with several picnic areas. And cyclists who go and come, in short, this is Giancarlo's Paradise! We stop to eat and with some English words we get acquainted with a pair of German cyclists climbed from the opposite side of ours. We offer them coffee exchanging reciprocal travel information. At 15 o'clock, we continue our journey on the steep descent to Lake Bodman. Continue on the other side of the bicycle on the road to Uberlingen, where at 17.00 ends our third stage.
- Friday August 04, 2017 - The 4th and last Stage:
Uberlingen - Lindau - Bregenz
Weather: Clouds and sunshine, pleasant temperature

It's Lindau's day. We leave at 8.30 am, greet the beautiful town of Uberlingen and we continue along the lake bicycle, often on the road or on the seaside roads. We overtake the hamlets of Meersburg, Hagnau, and the town of Friedrichshafen. Beautiful landscapes in Nonneham and lunch break at the lakefront before Lindau. After a short break on the beach we visit Lindau and with the last 9 km we return to the Parkplatz in Bregenz to resume our car. The pedal trip is over, we return to the hotel and tomorrow we return to Italy.
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