Climbing towards Grevasalvas the view opens the Engadine





Upper Engadine (CH)
Mountain Range:
Piz Grevasalvas
Point of Departure:
Sils m. 1799


From Maloja Pass we continue to St. Moritz for about 5 km. It's better to park the car in the parking on right before the crossing to Sils

About 20 km
450 md.
** Wath out in the descent from Blaunca to Maloja
Cycle %:
Max Altitude :
2037 at Blaunca
Time for the run:
about 2 hours
Kompass n° 92 Chiavenna Val Bregaglia and n° 93 Bernina-Sondrio


From the parking in Sils we're moving in the direction of Maloja for a couple of km on the national road along the lake. In Plan da Lej we turn left on a dirt road.
The road climbs to bends and, beyond a wood, you can vaguely see the first houses of Grevasalvas, a small and pleasant group of huts lies on a valley meadow.
Exceeded the houses, we continue our dirt still climbing. After about 1 km we can reach the huts of Blaunca. Now the road begins to descend and just after becomes path.
Pedaling begins to become difficult, in some point it is advisable to walk.
The view is considerable, we see throughout the Upper Engadine.
Let's follow the obvious path untill we cross the highway near Maloja. We continue in direction of St. Moritz and, to the top of the lake, we turn right. Along the shore, we reach the village of Isola. Following the indications, we come back in Sils on a small cycle track that runs hight almost steeply on the lake.

The first houses of Grevasalvas
The valley meadow with the village of Grevasalvas
Panoramic point over Blaunca
The Piz Martell m. 2966 over Blaunca
View on the lake of  Sils from  Isola

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