Welcome to Now3D site
Now3D is a program for Windows platform written in Visual Basic 6.
Now3D (at the beginning called Planets) born in 1997 as application for the planets and stars visualization. Then, thanks to the first success in the 3D Graphic field, I have decided to leave the first idea to concentrating myself towards more difficult subjects.
My hope is that this program will be come for the most of yours a sprint to enter in the world of 3D Computer Graphics.

Giuliano Cornacchiola
Release version 1.30:
Finally, from this version, you can use Now3D on Windows 7 (also 64bit)!
You can buy it through a small contribution directly from Intel AppUp center:
              Download Now3D 1.30
Here the last news.
N3D.Net RealTime Demo:
I released a RealTime demo that uses the 3d realtime engine of the new Now3D in development.
If you are fan like me of 3d graphics programming, you can edit the source of this demo.

Have fun!

HDR Images courtesy of Paul Debevec.
New Now3D Blog:
Follow the latest news about the Dot.Net version at the new Now3D Blog (translated by Google).
Special Thanks
Thanks to my wife Simonetta for her help.
Thanks to Salvy who had hosted the Now3D Forum on his site, and sturmkoenig2k for the German translation of Now3D.
A thanks also to all the users who with their e-mail full of compliments and requests, renew in me the wish to improve this program.
Now3D also speaks German!
For any questions or Bug Reports, contact me at the following e-mail: gcornacchiola@tiscalinet.it