60/70 Dorothy Faye Dunaway " The Happening " 1967
"The Happening" is Faye's Dunaway first film, but released after Hurry Sundown. Faye plays Sandy, disaffected youth caught up in a crime boss's kidnapping. The film, produced by Jud Kinberg and directed by Elliot Silverstein, is about four hippies who kidnap a retired Mafia mob boss named Roc Delmonico (Quinn) and hold him for ransom. When none of his friends or family members will pay the ransom, Delmonico takes charge of his own kidnapping. Attempting to blackmail his relatives and associates, he raises his own ransom to three million dollars and demands that it be paid. The movie is an anti-establishment film which questions the values of Middle America and the older generation. In this story, an important, influential, and rich man is stunned to learn no one will help him out of trouble, so his life is essentially worthless. Faye Dunaway Anthony Quinn Michael Parks Robert Walker