Qualities and defects of ascorbic acid        

First I have to state that Iím not a doctor, so I canít write prescriptions and I cannot recommend any medicines.
I also want to say to all sick people who start consuming vitamin C to follow real medical prescriptions, because Iím convinced that ascorbic acid doesn't treat illness but just prevents it
,helping strongly the recovery of wounds.
Iím not writing for profit and I don't sell anything. I just want to spread and share my positive experience with ascorbic acid, that you can buy by the chemistís in packs of kg1.

As far as me, Iíve been consuming ascorbic acid for 16 years: a lean teaspoon in the morning and another one in the evening, before or after the meals, dissolved in water. Itís around 4 grams a day. But I donít want you to consume ascorbic acid! This is just a piece of information.

Anyway I have convinced at least two thousands people to consume vitamin C. Iíve to say that if you eat little fruit and vegetable, you can suffer from dysentery when you start consuming ascorbic acid, so please just take half teaspoon of it for 15 days. You will notice that dysentery will go away and after you could consume a lean teaspoon.


19 years experience
  Iíve been consuming ascorbic acid for 19 years and I am very happy about my choice. Iím saying that because Iíd like to let other people have benefit from it after reading these pages. As far as me, Iím not so young, but despite this I feel like a young boy who loves dancing, enjoying himself and above all who can avoid doctors thanks to perfect medical exams.
Thanks to the positive qualities of ascorbic acid, Iíve a good health and I go and see my doctor just for Christmas wishes.

So Iím writing this Internet pages to let the greatest number of people know the my condition. I learned all about Internet 3 years ago, when I changed my job, and now I want to share my firm belief about ascorbic acid, without gaining money, but just because Iím strongly convinced of its power. In the last
eight years I have already shared my ideas with a thousand people. I don't think that all these people still consume ascorbic acid but if a fourth of them still do like me, my aim worths it.
I wish to all of you a good life and I thank you for the time you will spend reading these pages, wishing to be able to share my conviction of the qualities of this product.


Advantages and disadvantages

The most important advantage is that I have been sleeping for years, 8 hours a night, without any break. Before, Iíve to take some medicine to sleep. Many people can understand me, is it true?
My heartbeats are about 52-60 (standing or relaxing). Years ago they were 70-80. My cholesterol was 225 in 1992 and 184 in 1999. I also have to say that I eat cheese for lunch and for supper.
                             For medical exams
My legs were full of veins with bad blue spots. They have disappeared now and I can stand for hours in my room, opening the door and the window, too. When I am in my car, I can let the window open because I donít catch a cold anymore. When the weather is very cold, I go out without my coat because I donít feel the frost outside.
As I said before, I love dancing ad I sweat a lot since I dance 3 hours or more. When I stop dancing I go out in my summer suit but I donít catch a cold anymore! I havenít worn my coats and jackets for years because I donít feel the cold outside and during the summer time I am never hot even if I am dressed.
Previously I was always warm and cold like everybody.
Last week I had a bad flu, but thanks to ascorbic acid I hadnít any sore throat but just a low voice. The flu lasted 4 days but without any temperature. I didnít take medicines.
Iím 1,76 tall and I weigh 83 kg and my weigh has been the same for years without doing anything special.
When I weak up Iím vey happy about me because itís nice to be fit everyday. When I shave I often cut my face. I disinfect it and the day after my wound is there no more.
I donít know if I can say that butÖmy sex desire has increased. My memory has grown up and I never feel tired.
In 1992 my sight was not so good and I needed a pair of bifocal glasses. Now I can read the newspaper without glasses and I have my 10/10 sight again. 

I don't promise anything to anybody since I don't sell anything. I just want to describe my personal experience with ascorbic acid and I am ready to show to everybody that all I said is true. I have persuaded many people in these years. Not all has continued with the consume of ascorbic acid but the one who does that will be good like me.

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