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My name is Elidio, I'm 53, fond of travels and friendly internationals relationship.
As hobby I dedicate my spare time to edit e set of web sites to promote the region where I 've borne and recently after a long stay-far I've come again to dwell.

What are  about my sites:

Are home-made, made as hobby to help who likes to know more about Gavi and the Low Piedmont.
The site
gavi international  (this) is the introduction to Gavi: The location, the history, its famous white wine and the links to the other sites concerning the area on the border with West Liguria (west of Genova and Savona). 
gavi-winetcetera.com  and gavi.info will give you the addresses and site-pages of the winery, rich of photos,   descriptions of their wines an vineyards. surfing the site gavi.info you also find a guide to the hotels, the restaurant, the archaeological places, the meeting points for your amusements etcetera...
vallemme.info, valscrivia.info, valdorba.info , valbormida.info, valcurone.info and valborbera.info guides you  to know the respective valleys. The sites  altomonferrato.info, langhe-roero.info, (Barolo)  bassopiemonte.info are a guide to Alto Monferrato and the south-west and the low part of Piedmont, wineproducers.info is dedicated to the producers of wine in a general manner, location, type and vineyards.

What do I wish:

I wish that Piedmont, especially Alto Monferrato, Langhe-Roero, Gavi, Lemme's Valley, Scrivia's valley,  Borbera's valley, Orba's valley, Bormida's valley, Curone's valley to be known on the whole world... wide of course, because I've seen many nice places over the world and these are some of them.

What's the cost of my help:

Nothing! No charges, except for repay or trades, you have my help for free as welcome to Gavi. 

If you are interested to know more of Gavi, Barolo, Alto Monferrato, Langhe-Roero, the whole Low Piedmont;
the wine, the viticulture, the history, the monuments, the landscape,
make contact with me!

I'll help you  to visit Alto Monferrato,  Langhe-Roero and relative cities and villages.
I'll assist you to discover the Low Piedmont and its beautiful valleys. 


Suggest where to eat and drink and where to buy the best things. indicate interesting things to see and where to stay are all part of the ambitious purpose behind the Sites to which I dedicate mainly of my spare time.

Low Piedmont, Alto Monferrato, Langhe, West Liguria - Regions very bound together by historical, cultural, tourist and characteristic links - are the limited but extremely rich field of action in which, day by day, in my free time I look for  “Good Addresses” for hospitality, cuisine and wines.

These Sites do not give votes and not establish a classification: my only presumption is to offer the reader calm and objective information, address for address, to permit him to make the best choice. Feel free to mention my name and to e-mail for help, it is not necessary to pay or to make any commitments whatsoever for pick information from this Guide. Selection is based exclusively on the fact that the hotel, restaurant, pizzeria, shop, craftsman or producer offers the certainty of a warm welcome, genuine products and reasonable prices.

After the indications, given from specific topic, region, town by town (As you see the sites are brand new at their beginning )  going through the Guide the reader will find notes on producers (divided for region). All the Good Addresses and cellar are given, sector for sector, together with coloured maps indicating the localities.


This is e free service!   I have been traveling a lot round the world and from my own experiences, I well know how difficult it is to visit a country, to find what you are looking for or buy originals local things. Without the help of somebody who knows the place, which you can trust, you lose your temper, time, money, and you probably don't get what you want. Even elementary things, becomes complicate, like to have a good typical food, to find a comfortable  hotel, go shopping or by a good bottle of wine from the producer. I give my help freely, because I want to promote Gavi and its landscape, the food and the famous wine. I wish that everyone could come and see a part of Italy that's not been valorize yet. This part of the country is not so well-known like some other famous locations in Italy, but I can guaranty, that there is a lot of beautiful scenery in our neighborhood you don't expect to see, besides the fortress of Gavi (XVI cent. (one of the biggest in Italy)) and its Church (XII cent.), You'll be surprised to discover how many monuments and castles with their own history there are around here.

Elidio Bodrato
Loc. Baracchino   15

Gavi (Alessandria) Italy
Tel./Fax. 0039/0143-642267
E-Mail: elidio.bodrato@libero.it

The history, maps, events and info of Gavi and Alto Monferrato: the producers of wine, photos of the vineyards,
bottled wines and the addresses of the wineries, monuments etcetera...
click the sites here down below.

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