Would you like to easily prepare your slideshows with pictures stored into your PC?
PicsExplorer is a free, simple image and graphics viewer. It supports jpg/jpeg, gif, and bmp images, i.e. the most popular formats used on Internet and with digital image cameras.

Main Features

- queue images by selecting a Folder and filetypes;
- make Y/N 'thumbsnail bar' visible on the left;
- animated gif support;
- manual navigation: forward, backward, and jump to;
- automatic forward navigation, at time interval expiration (1-10 seconds, user decided);
- pause on/off, to stop/backward/restart automatic navigation;
- increase/reduce 10% current image size by clicking + and - ;
- 'full screen mode' with automatic image resizing (separate choices for smaller and larger images);
- 'Esc' key to enter/exit full screen mode;
- 'a' key to suspend the current image (i.e. cancel from current show)
- 'z' key to cancel the current image (user options: kill the file or send it to recycle bin);
- review and manage the suspended images list (with thumbs view support);
- width/height ratio correction to avoid image deformation passing from '4/3 to 16/9 screen', or anyway different.

Download and usage instruction

If this program holds your interest, you can freely download the ZPICSEXPEN.zip file (about 50 KB) and un-zip it in a folder of yours.
You'll obtain PicsExplorer.exe, that doesn't need any installation process.
For correct usage, consult its built in help file.


PicsExplorer works under Microsoft Windows 9X, ME, XT, and Vista. It has been developed with Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 and its standard controls, so it should normally run without any need of additional DLLs.
But, in case you miss any of those...

If, for example, a prompt appears under Vista, saying that MSVBVM50.dll is missing:
  1. write "MSVBVM50.dll" in a Web search engine,
  2. select a link offering its free download, and do it;
  3. copy/move the received MSVBVM50.dll to "c:\windows\system32\" folder (and Confirm administrator permission if necessary),
  4. look for "Command prompt" from Start button, Accessores; click it with the right mouse button; select "Exec as administrator",
  5. write "regsvr32.exe c:\windows\system32\MSVBVM50.dll" and click OK (Confirm administrator permission if necessary),
  6. a message about the correct execution should then appear.
If the program does not run yet, because a new message says, maybe, that COMCTL32.ocx is missing:
repeat 1-6 steps for this other file. And continue in the same way for any other missing component.

Usage conditions

The program can be freely used for personal and office purposes, providing that you do not sell it and integrally maintain every copyright and author information.

Have good, amusing slideshows!
Copyright Giorgio Altichieri - 03/2009. All rights reserved.

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