Image Hunter


The Image Hunter program, shortly ImHunter, works in conjunction with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
The ImHunter helps you to download automatically the pictures existing on a given IE window or linked from it.

The ImHunter operates in two steps:
(1) it attempts, with just a single key-press, to take out of context all the images in order to display them, immediately, side by side, in a new IE browser window. So you can examine them more comfortably;
(2) then, it allows you either to save all of them in a shot or to re-display each image at a time for selected savings with Y and N buttons.

  The ImHunter normally appears as a small companion window in the upper-left screen corner, showing a hunter icon (movable across the screen).
When the ImHunter acts as the foreground window (i.e. selected), it intercepts what you type on the keyboard and sends the corresponding commands to the IE window.

If more than one IE window (and/or IE Tabs) are opened, you have to specify the window that links up to the program; a double-click on the ImHunter image enlarges itself, and shows a list of all the opened IEs, so you can select the one to use with the ImHunter program at that moment.

Some Usages

Here are the main cases the program can handle.

You type '0' if you want to extract and display out of context the images appearing in the selected IE browser window (the images will appear in the original dimension they have been stored).
As an example, here you can see what the ImHunter step (1) will produce just for this page.
If you like, you can go then into the step (2): typing 'A' you will store all of them; typing 'S' you will be prompted with an image at the time for Y/N save answer.

You type '1' when the IE window displays the thumbs that link full images and you want just the full images. It is a very typical and frequent case.
As an example this page shows below ten thumbs: try to see what happens when you click any of them.
And here you can see what the ImHunter step (1) will produce just for them. Then you will have the possibility to go through the save step (2) as seen above.
No doubt that it results more confortable and productive than calling each image from the original page.

Mountain 1

Mountain 2

Mountain 3

Mountain 4

Mountain 5

Mountain 6

Mountain 7

Mountain 8

Mountain 9

Mountain 10

You will type '2' in an apparently identical situation: when the IE window displays thumbs that, instead of full images, call single intermediate pages, with a corresponding single full images each. For this operation the ImHunter requires that the mouse lays on any of those thumbs. while you type '2'. Step (2) as seen above.
This is the case of the following five thumbs: try to see what happens when you click any of them.
Alternatively: you can see here what the ImHunter will produce for them in its step (1), and compare with the base standard operation mode.

Venice 1

Venice 2

Venice 3

Venice 4

Venice 5

Some other minor cases are handled: see its help file.

Download - Installation - Usage

Download from here the zip file (less than 70 KB) that contains the program ImHunter.exe, and its help ImHunterHelp.txt. The file must be simply un-zipped in a folder of your PC (for instance C:\ImHunter).
Prerequisites: Microsoft Windows XP, or up.

The program has been developed with Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 and its standard controls. In case you miss any of those, you can download it from various websites (write its name in a Search Engine).

When you have any doubt, use F1 to access the Help local text file.

The programs can be freely used for personal not-commercial purposes, providing that every copyright and author information is integrally maintained.

Have a good test and fun!!
Copyright Giorgio Altichieri - 11/2011. All rights reserved.
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