Setting editor for Arion based Satellite Receiver (Zodiac, Ferguson, OpenBox, PowerSky, Termal, Houston, He@d, Liberty, Olimpia, Edision).

Developed for Zodiac Dzr1900CI.

- Edit settings and Header
- Support all database versions
- Transfer settings, boot and firmware file from/to receiver
- Import/Export settings and parameters
- Optimize configuration file
- International language (English, Italian, Polish, Russian, Greek, Slovak, Spanish, Persian, French)
- Simply add your own language

For any support exclusively relevant to ZodiacEdit:
1 - Make a donation by PayPal
2 - Send an e-mail to ZodiacEdit Assistance
Please, don't ask for information if not related to ZodiacEdit. Send e-mail only after donation.

See release notes and requirements: Italiano - English - French - Polish
Download latest revision              6.2.4       (2128Kb)

WinArion (under development)

Preliminary revision of WinArion (all function not yet available)

See release notes and requirements: Italiano - English
Download beta version              (238Kb)
Files for Win9x users.

22 April 2006