Critical note

"Painting is talking with oneself: between one synopsis and another there is the idea, the brush-stroke, the being, the feeling, and it must be immediately transferred onto the canvas."
"This sentence particularly stuck me when I went to visit him in his studio at Pontedassio: it deeply reflects what Marco Ferrari fixes in his oil paintings. The artist points out the contraposition between the conditioning reality and the suggestion, mood, impression, thus the fascinating beyond reality. He puts into contact the formal and precise black and white with that colour which deeply expresses his own ego: this is clear in his various "portraits of heart".
The painting he dedicates his own deeper thought to, the instinctive act by which he catches the fleeting instant striking his deep feelings, brings in to create genuine and, in the same time, vivid images. He uses colours which seem blending and running each other, thus fixing the vision of his deepest sensations.
The changes of the shapes, the perception of our most hidden reality leads to oneiric visions. The artist makes them his own in his oils and pastels, fixing the unconscious beyond reality by transparent colours. So the search for an intimate oasis reaches the intentional transgression to the too obvious visual reality. Thus it becomes mirror of the most concealed sides of the spirit in time development."

Casimiro Prof. Bertolotti
(Art expert and collector)