Demis found success in Italy since Aphrodite's Child era when he sung in italian language two tracks: "Quando l'amore diventa poesia" and "Lontano dagli occhi".

As a solo artist was loved since the first track "We Shall Dance"; with this song he won the Italian Festivalbar in 1971. Little by little he obtained big hits singing in english but also recording his best songs in italian language where "Profeta non sarò" (Because) become his best hit in italian language.
First "Credo" (I Need You), "E così sia" (Ainsi soit-il),   "Impossibile dimenticarti" (Need To Forget) and later the more recent italian songs "Incontrarsi" "Viso di donna", "Comincerò da te" (all tracks inside album "Voice And Vision) give the real dimension of the great feeling that has the Demis voice in italian language.

The most famous Demis italian album is
"Universum" with 10 italian tracks!

Demis made - during years - several TV apparition  in italian  television programs and shows.

During '80  was released a famous compilation serie called "Successi" with no less then 5 albums. (The first for Aphrodite's Child)

ag mr profeta inita

Recently, under the "D.V. MORE RECORD" laber were released some interesting compilation CD with Demis hits and the more recent version of "Profeta non sarò".

 il meglio

An hard to find Demis Cd with italian tracks.


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