The Demis big success in Germany is underlined from more than 50 tracks released in german language.

In 1974 he recorded his first german album "Auf Wiedersehn" (Philips) followed in 1976 from "Die Nacht Und Der Wein" (Philips) and "Kyrila, Insel Der Traume" (Philips): every album is a success. In 1979 was released the german version of the album "Universum"  (Philips); in 1992 inside the Christmas CD compilation "Weihnachten Mit Demis Roussos" (Arcade) Demis sings the "Oh Tannenbaum" song.  The latest german release is the CD "Auf Meinen Wegen" (BMG - 2000) that contains an interesting medley and a "samba" version of the "Goodbye My Love Goodbye" hit.

The first Demis CD (after the vinyl era) was release in West Germany by PolyGram (Mercury) in 1982. The CD (800 040-2) is extremely rare and difficult to find.


The german albums, CDs or singles cover are always colored, accurate, precise and faithful to the Demis style and character.

In 2000 was released  "Auf Meinen Wegen" (BMG),  a tribute to all Demis german fans.

Tracks: 1. Es ist immer noch Sommer - 2. Goodbye my love, goodbye - 3. Fiesta, fiesta Brazil 4. Cinderella - 5. Start it in your heart - 6. Amapola - 7. Bella notte - 8. Meine Insel 9. Wenn ein Abschied so weh tut - 10. Auf meinen Wegen - 11. Hello - 12. Medley (Rain & Tears – Forever And Ever – It’s Five O’Clock – Schones Madchen Aus Arcadia – We Shall Dance)

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