The Demis success in France has been great with Aphrodite's Child but in  the solo career too. In 1977 he recorded his first french album "Ainsi soit-il" (Philips) obtaining big hits. Since that LP he recorded other french songs and albums: "Universum"  (Philips - 1979); "Demis"  (Mercury - 1982) ;V"Voice And Vision" -(EMI 1989);  "Chante Noel" (Arcade 1991); "Insight" (Dureco - 1993); "Immortel" (Arcade - 1995); "Serenade" (Arcade 1996) and "Mon ile" (BMG 1997).

A very interesting and rare compilation titled "La Révolution Francaise par le chansons de la rue et du peuple" was released in 1989 by CBS (CBS 465280 2). The CD contains 29 tracks by various artists; Demis sings 3 songs very rare to find nowadays ("Poursuite et retour de la famille royale" - "Seigneurs Aristocrates" - "Jadis en France il exista" (in duo with Sabine Paturel)

Demis recorded in 1995 the song "Sandra Princesse rebelle" put inside  the french TV serie soundtrack . This beautiful track is available inside the soundtrack CD (TF1 - Banco - PolyGram - 191559 2 - France 1995)

In June 2001 was released a new CD compilation ( Mercury - 548 806-2) with Demis Greatest Hits and above all the "Au nom de l'amitié" track previously unreleased on CD. Inside  a wonderful pictured booklet with nice photos and story.

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