From Bassano to Munich by bike ( Aug 2003)

The path:

Satellite image taken just after I got back home: it shows that there were no
clouds on all the central Europe, very good for my round trip!
The days before the images was likely, so I found only sun, sun and sun ! Maybe too much.
In Munich the temperature was 38 degree!!!

First day: Saturday 9 Aug 2003, from Bassano area to Bolzano, 196 km (160 km...)
I leave my home in Casoni di Mussolente (Vicenza, Italy) at 7:03 A.M.
I take the "Strada statale della Valsugana" num. 47. During the week
on that street there is a lot of traffic, but that Saturday morning so early
the street was empty.
About 10 km before Trento (it is now about 11:00) the traffic
seems to increase, so I leave the big "Strada statale" and I take a local
street about in Levico. From Levico to Trento the way is not too hard
(I am on mountains with the streets going up and down). I ask some people for the
street to Bolzano, and every body suggest me to take a bikeway the goes
there, but nobody knows where to take it! I wander asking a lot of people
where to take this bikeway but nobody know exactly
where it is! They just tell mo "go there and then ask"... Well, I forgot how many people
told me that ! After about 1 hour and an half I find the bikeway. But with my sport bike
it is to slow to be run, so I take the "Strada statale del Brennero".
There are a lot of cars only the first 10 km close to Trento, then there are not many cars (all the cars take the highway).
13:10 until 13:40 I have lunch in a restaurant on the Statale del Brennero.
At 17:30 I have just passed Bolzano and I find a nice hotel. A very pretty waitress ask me to go to the hotel swimming pool with her but I have no swimsuit! Today I ride my bike for 196 km, the plan was for only 160 km, this is because I could not find the bikeway from Trento to Bolzano very easy!

Second day: Sunday 10 Aug 2003, from Bolzano to Jenbach, 164 km
I leave the hotel at 7:35 and I go on with the "Strada Statale del Brennero".
The landscape is very nice and the street very peaceful.
At 11:59 I get Brennero (the last Italian town city before Austria).

Brennero is a small and nice town. The shops are open (it is Sunday!) probably for the tourists.
At 13:12 I have finished to eat there and I leave ( I am at my 81,5 km that day).
In Innsbruck I have no problems to find the way: the man on the photo takes me to the beginning of my street.

From Bolzano to Brennero the street rises, from Brennero to Innsbruck goes down. The piece from Innsbruck to
Jenbach was in flat land without traffic. In Jenbach I leave the bundestrasse 171 and I take the 181 to north. Now the street
is rising ! And also there is a lot of traffic!
At 17:20 I find an hotel.

Third day: Monday 11 Aug 2003, from Jenbach to Munich, 105 km
All the traffic that was yesterday on the bundestrasse 181 is disappeared ! The were all tourist. Indeed that is a very nice area.
I ride along the Anchensee (Achen lake) in the wood, so nice! After the lake, I can say I am in Munich, since the street does not rise anymore
and in many pieces goes down. Only 90 km more... After the border with Germany, the street goes just down and down :-)

Lunch in Egling (only 30 km to Munich!):

time 14:28 : finally!!!!!

The most important place in Munich (every good beer drinker will recognize this place ):

I do not know this girl, just asked to have a picture with her:

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