Report of the tour Bassano - Munich - Venice - Bassano, august 2006

the path: ( do not consider the map 100% sure, better to read the description )

Saturday, 19 sept 2006
Bassano ( Italy ) - Prato Isarco, Bolzano ( Italy )
Sunday, 20 sept 2006
Prato Isarco, Bolzano ( Italy ) - Sankt Jodok ( Austria )
Monday, 21 sept 2006 Sankt Jodok ( Austria ) - Koenigsdorf ( Germany )
Tuesday, 22 sept 2006 Koenigsdorf ( Germany ) - Munich ( Germany )
Wednesday, 23 sept 2006 Munich ( Germany ) - Schrambach / Feldthurns ( Italy )
Thursday, 24sept 2006 Schrambach / Feldthurns ( Italy ) - Bassano - Venice - Bassano ( Italy )

Those are the altitudes HOW I FELT THEM. This is just my impression, not how they really are.
The distance have no correlation with reality or with what I felt:

Total km: 1036,4

Total pictures taken by Fabio:  553

2 Participants to the tour:

1 - Fabio ( writing this web site)
I was born in 1976 and I am Italian. I live in a small town close to Bassano del Grappa ( Italy ).
The first day we are leaving from my home.
I have already gone Bassano-Munich 3 years ago.

2 - Susanne
She was born in 1977 in Hamburg, Germany, and at this time she lives in Osnabruck ( Germany ).
She flow to Treviso on Thursday 17, taking her bike with herself.
Fortunately, even if the bike was not  in  a case, it did not get damaged :-)
She has already gone a similar tour some years ago (passing Milan and Verona also ).

Fabio's flat: 0
Susanne's flat: 0

1st day: Bassano (Italy) - Prato Isarco, Bolzano ( Italy )

We wake up at 6. Susanne does not look like very awake at that time:

We leave at 6:47 a.m. The temperature is 18°, the weather looks good:

From Casoni we go to Bassano, and from there we go always the right side of the Brenta river.
Along the river, there are only small streets, and when not,  ways where only bikes can go.
The landscape is fantastic:

Unfortunately, before arriving to Trento, this fantastic bike way ends into normal streets. :-(
There is another one which goes from Garda lake to Bolzano, passing through Trento, but there are no signs and it is
always very hard for me to find it. So we have to take a street with a lot of traffic to pass Trento.  Fortunately, passed Trento, we find again the
bike way which goes to Bolzano:

This goes to Bolzano and passes it without any interruptions, in this fantastic landscape. Only bikes are allowed. Totally fantastic ! :-)
Unfortunately, when we arrive in the town Ora, we take the ordinary streets, just because in a cross road we get confused. Strange.

We stop in a hotel about 10 km after Bolzano.
It is 15:06.
Today we got just a little bit of rain after Bassano.

My mileometer says:
DST 170,47 km
AVS 25,1
TM 6:47:43
ODO 2941,9

2nd day:  Prato Isarco, Bolzano ( Italy ) - Sankt Jodok ( Austria )

We leave at 8:03. We follow the ordinary streets ( these is not so much traffic ).
Also here we can enjoy a fantastic landscape:

After a few kms, we take a bike way. But when we pass through Bressanone, it is plenty of stops, change of directions and so on, so we take again the
ordinary streets. About 10 km before the Brennero, I feel I am getting low on power, so I ask Susanne to stop in some restaurant and have some Spaghetti.
At 13:25 we reach Brennero, the last italian town before Austria. We have gone 79,6 km.

Just after the border, the weather does not look like very good :-(

Indeed after a few minutes it starts raining. The water coming down is totally freezing and we decide to stop in a gas station.
After waiting something like 3 hours, we decide simply not to go on that day and we search for an hotel under the rain.
We are in Sankt Jodok, we see an Hotel, from outside it seems nobody is inside, but however we ring the bell. We are totally wet,
so it is better if Susanne talks ;-) One guy comes out ( in T-shirt and swimsuit, Susanne says, in T-shirts and underpants, I say).
However, the guy is very nice and let us to sleep there.
It is 15:45.

My mileometer says:
DST 89,747 km
AVS 21,6
TM 4:09:42
ODO 3031,7

After about 30 minutes, it stops raining ...
Doesnt matter, we stay there :-)

3rd day: Sankt Jodok ( Austria ) - Koenigsdorf ( Germany )

The day after it is really cloudy and cold ( 11° ), but at 8:35 we are leaving.
Just 4 kms, and we get some rain ! But just for some kms.
We follow the Austrian Brenner Bundestrasse, but not up to Innsbruck as I did 3 years ago.
In Matrei am Brenner, we follow another street, which will let us to avoid Innsbruck.
So we follow: Matrei am Brenner, Pfons, Patsch, Lans, Aldrans and Hall in Tirol. This short cut mostly goes down.
There are some parts where it goes up, but never too much.
From Hall to Jenbach, it is flatland, so no problem.
From Jenbach there are some hard kms, where the street really goes up. Susanne totally surprises me and "just go",  much faster then me.
I dont know if she was giving the 110 % , I just know she was too fast for me !
When the hard part finishes, she is there, waiting for me.
Now we go along the Achen lake. The landscape would be fantastic. But I dont like the clouds...

Indeed, after a few minutes, it starts raining... Fortunately is not so cold like yesterday, so we can go on.
It will stop when we leave behind us the Achenlake.

We cross the border with Germany, and we dont find any sign with "Welcome to Germany" or something like that. Only a sign that reminds us that we are in Bayern :-)

When we reach Bad-Toelz, out bikes are so dirty ....

Even if Susanne comes from north of Germany, has no problem at all to ask the way to the locals:

Just 40 or 50 km to Munich, but it is late (18:00), so we spend the night in Koenigsdorf.:

Sometime tiredness makes me hard to be recognized:

My mileometer says:
DST 142,68 km
AVS 23,9
TM 5:59:08
ODO 3174,4

4th day: Koenigsdorf ( Germany ) - Munich ( Germany )

When we wake up, it  is raining :-( So we stay a little bit more in bed.
At 9:45 we leave.
It is a little bit hard to go on, because we want to avoid the big streets, but the "bike ways"
are country streets without asphalt....
However, we find the way to Egling, which does not have so much traffic, and then Gruenwald.

At 11:56 we enter into Munich !!!!

My mileometer says:
DST 36,685 km
AVS 24,7
TM 1:29:15
ODO 3211,0

Then we reach the most important place in Munich.
I know, in this picture I look like really fat. I should not drink beer !

Again, like 3 years before:

My mileometer says:
DST 46,630 km
AVS 24,1
TM 1:56:13
ODO 3221,0

Now I have to say good bye to Susanne. I am staying the night in Munich, she is staying 40 km out of Munich by a friend, and the day after, she goes by train back to Osnabruck.
I dont know how I will go back home tomorrow, by bike or by train ? I am not that tired. But the weather forecast says thunderstorms on Munich for tomorrow.

The day is over. The sun and Susanne leave me alone in Munich:

5th day: Munich ( Germany ) - Schrambach / Feldthurns ( Italy )

I wake up at 5... I look out of the window... No clouds...
I simply look forward to go....
At 6:54 I  leave the hotel room, I pray a little, and then I go ...
To go out of Munich is not so easy, but I find my way.
The temperature is 14°. Not too cold.

bye bye Munich

The landscape in Bayern:

If in Bad Toelz you try to avoid big streets you can end up in something like this:

In Germany today I dont get any rain.
And when I arrive in Austria, the weather is fantastic.

Now I can enjoy the view of the Achenlake:

Dream view of the Inn valley before going down to Jenbach:

In the valley, between Jenbach and Hall, there is even a strong wind to west!
I could not ask for better !

In Hall im Tirol, I take left to avoid again Innsbruck. Between Hall and Metrei the street is very hard, going up and down
( but mostly UP ! very hard )

I knew I had to meet somebody like him: this man is going Germany-Greek-Germany by bike!
I met him in Matrei !

It is just a coincidence that we got the picture in front of a doctor. I saw the red cross only now, putting together the photos for the web site !

Now I am again on the Austrian bundesstrase. But everybody seems to take the autobahn ( = motorway), so there is no much traffic:

The last few kms before the border are very hard.
At about 17:00 I across the border and I am again in Italy.

Now the the street just goes down.
I am very tired. I  can  go on just because the street  is going down !

At about 19:00 I find an Hotel in Velturno. Probably the cheapest of the tour ( 25 euro with breakfast !)
On the bed post there some stickers left from some child:

My mileometer says:
DST 251,57 km
AVS 24,9
TM 12:06:37
ODO 3479,8

:-) my record of kms in 1 day was already 251, so, no improvements !

5th day: Schrambach / Feldthurns ( Italy ) - Bassano - Venice - Bassano ( Italy )

When I wake up, it is cloudy, streets are wet, but no rain. :-)
At 7:19 I leave the Hotel.
I follow the Strada Statale del Brennero until Prato Isarco. From there there is a dream bike way which arrives to Trento, passing through Bolzano.
On the second day I missed it with Susanne because I got confused in Ora. What a pity !
This bike way it is really fantastic !
There is even an in illuminated tunnel:

Passing through Bolzano:

In Bolzano, there are even places where you can get drink water !!! ( Italian: acqua potabile, German: Trinkwasser )

Some more photos just after Bolzano ( I dont know the ladies, just asked to have a photo together. I hope Anne will not try to kill me because of this ):

Arrived in Trento, as usual, I have to take the ordinary streets to go across the city. I have to go to the Valsugana ( Sugana Valley).
Therefore from Trento I have to reach Civezzano, then Pergine and Caldonazzo. Somewhere after Caldonazzo I take again the bike way which will take me nearly to Bassano.

At about 16:30 I arrive in Bassano:

I have "only" 200 km in the legs today. And it is just 16:30. Uhm... it was not in my plans, but Venice is just 70 km from here, and I know the way very well...
So, I decide to go!

About 2:40 minutes later I am on the Island:

It is 19:10 now. I want to go home! Soon I will not have sun light anymore

Picture taken about 5 kms to my home:

At 22:09 I arrive at home.

On the 2 days getting back I did not get any rain. The weather was excellent.
20 minutes after I get home, it starts raining

My mileometer says:
DST 327,95 km
AVS 26,6
TM 14:26:36
ODO 3807,8

Now 327,95 km is my new  record of kms in 1 day.

Some notes:

This is my sister listening to me telling my adventure the day after, but she does not seem to be very interested :-)

This is how I spent the first 2 days at home:

I thank Susanne for coming with me from Bassano to Munich.
I have never seen somebody so well equipped like her. She had something for any kind of weather.
Probably, on the second day, she did not really need to stop because of the freezing rain ( she had enough warm clothes ),
but I HAD TO ! :-)

On Friday night, before leaving,  the ODO ( = total kms ) on my mileometer was 2771,4

On Saturday morning, my weight was 93 kg.
After arrived back at home, 92 kg. ( 100 kg, with clothes and my ruck bag with all the stuff inside )

Sunday 27 August 2006

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