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Vanuatu (updated 6 Nov 2006)
Vanuatu Post Ltd.
Finally online! The site has detailed info about latest issue, an archive of old stamp issues, and an online shop where you can buy all the available stamps. While still being developed the shop is now online, and soon they will add the older issues. Vanuatu's Philatelic Bureau sells older stamps and FDCs (1993-2003) higher than the face value. They are only available through the post/snail mail.

postal website : VanuatuPost Limited,
PO Box 43,
Port Vila,
Republic of Vanuatu

Telephone : +678 22000
Fascimile : +678 23900
philatelic website :
online shop :

related sites: Vanuatu & New Hebrides philatelic websites

Stamps of Vanuatu are also sold by New Zealand Post but not at the face value.

Vatican City (updated 30 Nov 2008)
Poste Vaticane
This site has the info and images of past issues but no info about how to obtain them or info about latest stamp issues. Anyway the philatelic office ("Ufficio Filatelico Numismatico") has its own email address. An online shop is being tested and will operate SOON.
Now new issue information is available in english:

postal website : Ufficio Filatelico 
Governatorato 00120 
Vatican City

Tel : +39 (0)6/69883708
Fax : +39 (0)6/69883799
philatelic website :
online shop :

Venezuela (updated 31 Mar 2004)
Site is now updated with latest information on past & present issues.

postal website : Ipostel 
Dpto. de Filatelia 
Apartado Postal 4080 
Caracas 1010-A 
philatelic website : -
online shop :

Vietnam (updated 2 Feb 2008)
Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Corporation
Web site of Vietnam Stamp Company presents a complete online catalogue of Vietnamese stamps (and you can buy them with an online form). Updated with latest issues.

postal website : Vietnam Stamp Company (COTEVINA)
14 Tran Hung Dao Street,

Tel : (84-4) 8253670
Fax : (84-4) 8269917

philatelic website :

online shop : NO


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