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St. Helena (updated 7 Aug 2002)
St. Helena Post Office
A professionally designed site. And also an advanced online shop for the stamps of St. Helena (plus Ascension and Tristan da Cunha). See also the old site:

postal website : Philatelic Bureau
The Post Office
Main Street, Jamestown
Island of St Helena
South Atlantic Ocean

Tel : +290/2652
Fax : +290/2242
philatelic website :
online shop :
St Helena philatelic websites

St. Kitts (updated 5 Jul 2008)
General Post Office
Poor info and no useful information for stamp collectors.

postal website : The Manager 
St. Kitts Philatelic Bureau 
GPO Basseterre 
St. Kitts 
West Indies

Tel : +1/869/4652521 Ext. 1148
philatelic website :
online shop :
email (General Post Office):

St. Lucia (updated 5 Jul 2008)
General Post Office
The site has an updated pricelist of all available stamps, plus some recent images; it's possible to download a standing order form too.

postal website : St. Lucia Philatelic Bureau 
Postmaster General 
GPO , Bridge Street 
Saint Lucia, West Indies

Tel : +1 758-452-2671
philatelic website :
online shop :

St. Pierre et Miquelon (updated 30 Jul 2007)
La Poste
The philatelic bureau of SPM is now online and it has a great site! You can see all the recent stamps and order online.
Stamps of St. Pierre & Miquelon are also sold by french posts.

postal website :

9, rue Emile Sasco
PO Box 4323

Tel: +508 413607
Fax: +508 415247

philatelic website :
online shop : YES

St. Vincent & the Grenadines (updated 6 May 2007)
General Post Office

postal website : St. Vincent Philatelic Services Limited
PO Box 2348
St Vincent
West Indies

Tel : +854/45/71911
Fax : +854/45/62383
philatelic website :
online shop :

Samoa (updated 6 Nov 2010)
SamoaTel Limited
Philatelic page are under construction, you should find new issues info.

postal website : Philatelic Bureau
Beach Road

Tel: +685 20720
philatelic website :
online shop :
Samoa philatelic websites

San Marino (updated 11 Jan 2002)
Azienda Autonoma Filatelica e Numismatica di Stato (AASFN)
Information about order & subscription, and images of latest issues. English & Italian. Online shop.

postal website : Philatelic and Numismatic Department 
PO Box 1 
Piazza Garibaldi 
47891 San Marino 
Republic of San Marino

Tel (from Italy): 0549 882370, 0549 882350
Fax: 0549 882363
Tel (outside Italy): +379 882365
philatelic website :
online shop : YES
email :

Sao Tome and Principe (updated 30 Nov 2008)
Correios e Telecomunicacoes

postal website : Empresa de Correios
Seccao Filatelica
Av. 12 de Julho
São Tomé
São Tomé e Príncipe

Tels: +239 222202/222421/221163
Fax: +239 221897
philatelic website :
online shop :

Saudi Arabia (updated 6 Nov 2010)
Saudi Post
Saudi Arabia does have now a page in English will all newest stamps and details.

postal website : Saudi Post
Philatelic Section 
Saudi Arabia
philatelic website :
online shop :

Senegal (updated 2 Feb 2008)
La Poste
This site was much better in the past. Now they have only some images of stamps previously issued. No info about latest issues. Online shop closed. Poor. It is possible to obtain the latest stocklist of stamps on sale and other philatelic information by e-mail!

postal website :

Direction Production et Réseau
Subdivision timbres-poste
Direction Generale
La Poste - Dakar

Tel: (221) 839-34-36

philatelic website :
online shop : NO
email : -
director of the philatelic management office:

Serbia (updated 28 Jul 2011)
Posta Srbije
On postal website you will find the stamp programme of current year, news. English version still under construction.
The sito of Jugomarka has been closed.

postal website :

JP PTT saobraćaja "Srbija"
RJ "Srbijamarka"
Palmotićeva 2,
11000 Beograd,
PAK 106306

Fax: + 381 011 3231 952
Tel: + 381 011 3241 331

philatelic website :
online shop : not updated

Seychelles (updated 19 jan 2004)
The Seychelles Post Office
New postal address and a working e-mail address to contact the Post Office!

postal website : Seychelles Philatelic Bureau
P O Box 60, Liberty House
Victoria, Mahé,

Tel: (248) 22 52 22
Fax: (248) 22 44 17
philatelic website :
online shop :

Sierra Leone (updated 17 Sep 2009)
Sierra Leone Postal Services Ltd.

postal website : Sierra Leone Postal Services Limited (SALPOST)
General Post Office Building
Siaka Stevens Street

Tel: +232 22 222 133
Fax: +232 22 225 228
philatelic website :
online shop :
email :

Singapore (updated 6 Nov 2010)
Singapore Post
Current year programme, recent issues with images and details; info about philatelic services plus a downloadable standing order form. A full online shop has been added, where you can buy all the items on sale.

postal website :

Singapore Philatelic Bureau
10 Eunos Road 8, #07-31
Singapore Post Centre
Singapore 408600

Tel: +65-1800-741-4111
Fax: +65-6841-3378

philatelic website :
online shop :
email :
Singapore philatelic websites

Slovakia (updated 1 Aug 2007)
Slovenska Posta
A catalogue (with images) of all the stamps issued since 1993! All new and past issues are listed in English. A subscription form is available, plus a downloadable order form. Every philatelic product is listed (not only stamps) and the site is always updated.

postal website :

Slovenská pošta, a.s.
Námestie Slobody 27
817 98 Bratislava 15

Tel : + 421 2 5441 9907
Fax: + 421 2 5441 9913

philatelic website :

online shop : NO
(visit also )

Slovenia (updated 31 Oct 2010)
Posta Slovenije
Site is back in English.
Updated with latest news. Now it's possible to download the latest stamp bullettin in .pdf format. It's possible to order by e-mail.
Every postage stamp  issued 1991 to date has its own image and details. There is also a section with postmarks.

postal website : Pošta Slovenije, d.o.o.
Sektor za trzenje
SI-2500 Maribor

Tel : +386 62 44920
Fax : +386 2 449 2371
philatelic website :
online shop : NO
email : ;

Sovereign Military Order of Malta (updated 18 May 2005)
Poste Magistrali
The postal service of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, based in Rome, Italy.
The stamps are inscribed "Sovrano Militare Ordine di Malta" and are not recognized by UPU; anyway the Sovereign has postal conventions with many countries worldwide (including Italy) where you can send mail using their own stamps.

postal website : Poste Magistrali del Sovrano Militare Ordine di Malta
Via Bocca di Leone, 68 - 00187 Roma
Casella Postale 195

Tel : +39 (0)6.67581211
Fax : +39 (0)6.6783934
philatelic website :
online shop :

Solomon Islands (updated 17 Sep 2009)
Solomon Post
Infos about latest stamp issues, printable standing order form, ordering instructions, services available only by mail of fax. Complete list of postage stamps issued since 1907 !

postal website : Solomon Islands Philatelic Bureau
PO Box 1930
Solomon Islands

Tel: (+677) 22108
Fax: (+677) 20440 / 21472
philatelic website :
online shop : NO
Solomon Islands philatelic websites

Somalia (updated 1 jan 2000)
Ministry of Post
I have very old information taken from a magazine, if you have updates please, help me. The country is still in anarchy so I'm not sure they still have a working postal service.

postal website : Philatelic Service 
Ministry of Post & Telecommunications 
Somali Republic
philatelic website :
online shop :
email :

South Africa (updated 19 Sep 2009)
South African Post Office
The South African Post Office changed its URL. The site now looks similar to the old one. There are detailed informations of stamps from 2006 and 2007.

postal website : Philatelic Services 
Private Bag X505 
South Africa

tel +27 12 845 2814/5 or fax +27 12 804 6745
philatelic website :
online shop : NO
email :
South Africa philatelic websites

South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands (updated 18 Sep 2009)
Ministry of Post
South Georgia & South Sandwich islands are sold only by Falkland Islands philatelic bureau.

postal website : Stamp Sales
Post Office
Ross Road  
Falkland Islands

Tel : +500/27159
Fax : +500/27160
philatelic website :
online shop :
email :

Spain (updated 12 Sep 2006)
Correos y Telegrafos
Images and full details of stamps, stamp programme, subscription form and order form (spanish only). Included Spanish Andorra. Spanish Philatelic Service offers the stamps from Equatorial Guinea and Mexico at face value.
Try "Buscador Filatelico" : every postage stamp and souvenir sheet from 1950 to1996 is displayed with tech details !!

postal website :
site in spanish, catalan/valencian, galician, basque
Servicio Filatélico Internacional
Palacio de Comunicaciones
C/Montalban s/n
28070 Madrid

in Spain:
Tel: 902.20.31.20
Fax: 91.396.28.85
Tel: +34 91.396.20.50
Fax: +34 91.396.23 95
philatelic website :
online shop : NO (only subscribers in Spain may buy online a limited range of products)

Sri Lanka (updated 14 Apr 2006)
General Post Office
The philatelic site lists all stamps for 2003 and 2004 (so far), and the recent 2004 stamps are illustrated.

postal website : M.A.Fernando,
Philatelic Bureau Postal headquarters D.R.Wijewardhana road,
Colombo 01000
Sri Lanka
philatelic website :
online shop : NO
email :
Sri Lanka philatelic websites

Sudan (updated 1 jan 2000)
Director General of Posts and Telegraphs
I have very old information taken from a magazine, if you have updates please, help me.

postal website : Director General of Posts and Telegraphs Public Corp. 
Philatelic Office 
philatelic website :
online shop :
email :

Suriname (updated 26 Sep 2005)
Suriname Postal Corporation (SURPOST)
" we regret to inform you that for some time now, we have slightly changed our policy with regard to Philately. Presently we have a foreign Agent (in Europe) who is in charge of our Philatelic business regarding designs, production and distribution as well as international sales. Locally we only handle requests from national collectors...."
If you want the address of the agent go here.

postal website :
Philatelic Service, Surpost
Kerkplein 1

Tel : +597/410449 , +597/477524 ext.135
Fax : +597/421242
philatelic website :
old site :
email :

Swaziland (updated 20 May 2004)
Swaziland Posts and Telecommunications Corporation
It has info on the latest issue and a snail mail address for more info.

postal website : Swazi Stamp Bureau 
PO Box 555 
Mbabane , H100 

Tel: +268 405 2176/7/8
philatelic website :
online shop : NO
email :

Sweden (updated 1 Oct 2006)
Sweden Post
Only an online shop is now available for collectors. You can buy and download the latest stamp catalogue and recent bulletins.

postal website : Sweden Post Stamps 
Customer Service 
SE - 981 84 Kiruna

Tel : +46 8 781 4936 
Fax : +46 980 81490
philatelic website :
online shop : (in swedish) (in english)
email :

Switzerland (updated 18 Sep 2009)
Swiss Post
You can see images of new issues, buy them on-line, and subscribe for FREE to a philatelic magazine.
Every philatelic product on stock can be ordered. They also sell philatelic products from other countries. The site is in four different languages.

postal website : Swiss Post 
Stamps and Philately 
Ostermundigenstrasse 91 
CH-3030 Bern

Tel : +41/31/3380608
Fax : +'41/31/3387308
philatelic website :
online shop :
email :

Syria (updated 19 Mar 2006)
General Post Establishment
They're back!!

postal website : General Post Establishment, 
Philatelic Office 
Syrian Arab Republic
philatelic website :
online shop :
On you can find images of syrian stamps significant for history of this country (see under "photos").

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