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ALL the Postal Authorities of the world - ALL their websites and e-mail addresses.

This is a complete list of all postal authorities & philatelic services, worldwide. Listed here are only official Postal Administrations. You won't find info about local stamps. Many of them also have philatelic bureau services online. The description lets you have an idea about contents of philatelic pages while therating gives you an idea of the quality of philatelic resources (this is my personal opinion), andindicates special features for stamp collectors.
Although I try to keep the information about each authority current and complete, it may not be.

I need your precious help.

If you find errors and/or additional info please report them to me - a big "thank you" to all of you being of help.

Every postal authority has (where applicable) :
- a postal website address
- a philatelic website address
- an online shop address
- an email address
- the postal address and telephone/fax number of the philatelic bureau

I also list authorities that are not recognized by UPU : Republika Srpska (serbian Bosnia), S.M.O.M., Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Postal addresses change frequently, compare this list with those printed on various stamp magazines, most of their addresses are outdated.
This list is constantly updated because of the continuous input from collectors worldwide.
Worldwide new issue updates you can find also on