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Here I try to list links to Local Posts or private couriers which issues or use
own labels (stamps) which can be used to prepay postage cost for mail transportation.

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NO Cinderellas or Bogus Locals will be listed here. Only local posts - the genuine ones.

Last updated on 5 September 2006

Local Post: A private or public subject which provides
a 'real' service for the transportation of mail locally

More will appear in the future as the trend is to cease the postal monopoly of national posts.
This already happened in Argentina, Sweden and New Zealand to name but a few.


The privatization of Correo Argentino in 1997 led to the end of state monopoly and a number of private companies offers now postal services locally and internationally. Someone uses stamps and labels.
Here you can find a list of Argentinian postal operators: http://www.aduanaargentina.com/listado.php?seccion=3

OCA (S.A. Organización Coordinadora Argentina)
Website : http://www.oca.com.ar/filatelia.asp
A genuine one, argentinian local posts. Beautiful stamps issued since 1997.

Website : http://www.andreani.com.ar/institu/andreani2/correo/galeria1-1.htm
This company produces different sets of labels that they state are just receipts for a service and not produced for philatelic purposes.


Hutt River Province
Website : http://www.hutt-river-province.com/new_page_29.htm and also http://www.huttriver.net/HRBureau.htm
A self-declared independent area in Western Australia with a local postal service from 1971 to present.

Lord Howe Island Courier Post
Website : http://www.zemail.com.au/
ZEMAIL delivery service ensures the unique world heritage environment of Lord Howe Island, Australia, remains unpolluted.


Allgäu Mail
Website : http://www.allgaeu-mail.de/index.php?pg=privatkunden.php
e-mail: info@allgaeu-mail.de
In southern part of Germany there is a new private postal service "allgäu mail" who issues it's own stamps.

Website : http://www.pin-ag.de/ | e-mail: philatelie@pin-ag.de
"PIN AG" is a local provider for mail services in Berlin who issues it's own stamps.

WVD Postservice Partner Chemnitz GmbH
Website : http://www.wvd-postservice.de/marken/marken.html (stamp page)

Try to see http://www.moderne-privatpost.de for informations about german local posts. Only in german.

Guernsey (UK)

Website : http://www.brecqhou-stamps.co.uk/
A small island near Sark, in the Bailiwick of Guernsey started in 1969 when a set of carriage labels was issued.

Herm Island
Website : http://www.herm-island.com/shops/stamps.html
Herm has issued its own stamps for a 20 year period from 1949 to 1969 when Channel Islands postal services came under the auspices of the British Post Office. Failure by this authority to recognise the need for a regular postal link brought about this inter-island service and Herm's own issues were used in conjunction with the Guernsey regional stamps.


Website : http://www13.ocn.ne.jp/~q-post/release/release200404_1.html
A company offering delivery service by motorcycle. The service offered by the company is only express mail delivery within MINATO, CHUO and CHIYODA districts in Tokyo.

New Zealand

In 1998, the Postal Services Act came into being. This removed the state monopoly in all areas of postal services. The Act allows any company or individual to have a business that delivers letters. Currently they are 30 postal operators but (fortunately) only a few such as DX mail, Fastway Post and Pete's Post, issue stamp labels on a regular basis.

DX Mail
Website : http://www.dxmail.co.nz/

Fastway Post
Website : http://www.fastwaypost.com/post.htm

Pete's Post
Website : http://www.petespost.co.nz/

Universal Mail NZ
Website : http://www.universalmailnz.com/

Wine Post
Website : http://winepost.tripod.com/
There have only been a small number of issues since 1990.


Hustadvika Post
Website : http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/Coast/9517/
Hustadsvika islands are not served by Norwegian Post, so the group has its own postal service. And postage stamps!


Mullsjo Local Mail
Website : http://www.algonet.se/~novydux/english.html
Sweden had the postal monopoly removed on 1992. The local mail service in Mullsjö and Sandhem in the Swedish province of Vastra Gotaland is a small family enterprise started on 1994. You can order the stamps by e-mail.

Scotland (UK)

Isle of Pabay
Website : http://www.pabay.org/
The Island of Pabay is located 2.5 miles from the village of Broadford on the South side of the Isle of Skye, off the coast of Scotland. A local post from 1962 to the present day.

Isle of Rona
Website : http://www.isleofrona.com/stamps.htm
A set of stamps and first day cover were issued from the Island of Rona for the first time on 1st of May 2003.

Sanda Island
Website : http://www.sanda-island.co.uk/
Scotland. This island, situated near the Mull of Kintyre in Argyll, issued stamps from 1960-1970. They will be issuing new stamps again early in 2004.

Summer Isles
Website : www.summer-isles.com
Tanera Mor is the only Scottish offshore island to operate a regular, year-round private postal service. A local post from 1970 to the present day.

United States

Hawaii Post
Website : http://www.hawaii-post.com/
A local post on the island of O'ahu which began operations in May 1997. New stamps regularly released each year. You can order stamps online.

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