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(updated 3 jan 2002)
Entreprise de Postes et Telecommunications
Laostamp is the new official agent (located in Thailand) who produce and sell all Lao stamps worldwide. The site is well done, with online shop.

postal website : Entreprise de Postes et Telecommunications 
Bureau de Philatelie 
Avenue Lane Xang 
01000 Vientiane 
Official Agent:
online shop : YES
email :

(updated 2 Jul 2011)
Latvijas Pasts
The site has been completely renewed, and now it's possible to order all the stamps online, see the online shop link.
The site is also in english, including philatelic pages. You can see all the stamps released since the independence, updated with latest ones. And you can download the ordersforms.

postal website :

Philatelic Department
Latvia Post
Ziemeļu iela 10, lidosta "Rīga" 
Mārupes novads, LV-1000

Fax: +371 67608301

philatelic website:
online shop : YES
email :
Latvia philatelic websites

(updated 22 Nov 2004)
Again a new version of the site, but nothing about philately and stamp collecting, and no stamp images.

postal website : Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications
General Directorate for Operation & Maintenance
Badaro, Sami El-Solh Street, 3rd Floor
Beirut, Lebanon

Phone: (961) 1 424400 - (961) 1 422404
Fax : (961) 1 888310
philatelic website : no information of any kind
online shop :
email : ?

(updated 18 Sep 2009)
Lesotho Postal Services
Philatelic information is 3 images of stamps.

postal website : Philatelic Bureau
Box 413
Maseru 100

Tel: (+9266) 323743
Fax: (+9266) 310476
philatelic website : -
online shop :

(updated 17 Sep 2009)
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
I have very old information taken from a magazine, if you have updates please, help me.

postal website : Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications 
GPO 1000 
Monrovia 10 
philatelic website :
online shop :
email :

(updated 19 Sep 2009)
General Post and Telecommunication Company (GPTC)
Although GPTC is responsible for postal services, there isn't any information on posts nor stamps on their site!

postal website : Libyan Philatelic Service
P.O.Box 91616

Fax: +218-21-3350072
philatelic website :
online shop :
email :

(updated 2 Feb 2008)
It is possible to order online all the available stock and the site is regularly updated with latest issues. German language only.

postal website :

Philatelie Liechtenstein
Liechtensteinische Post AG
Städtle 38
9490 Vaduz

Tel : +423 2366444
Fax : +423 2366655

philatelic website :
online shop : YES
email :

(updated 19 Mar 2006)
Lietuvos Pastas
Programme of current year stamp issues with images. Useful information about subscriptions and ordering of stamps.
Catalogue with all the stamps issued since 1991. Now it is possible to order online all the stock of stamps, subscribe online, get new issue info by email !!

postal website :

Lithuania Post
Stamp Department
Giedraiciu str. 60 A
LT - 08212 Vilnius

Tel : + 370 5 276 18 15
Fax: + 370 5 277 99 11

philatelic website :
online shop : YES
email :
Lithuania philatelic websites

(updated 12 Jul 2004)
P&T Luxembourg

Descriptions and images of all postage stamps issued since 1999, plus new issues.
They have removed the stock list and order forms previously available without a reason. No info about ordering stamps. The only way to obtain a pricelist by post is to send an email. Could be much better!

postal website : Office Des Timbres Luxembourg
4, Rue d'Epernay
L-2992 Luxembourg

Tel : +352/40888840
Fax : +352/406868
philatelic website :
online shop : NO
email :
Luxembourg philatelic websites

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