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last updated 8 Sep 2004

There are thousands of Philatelic sites on the web so is difficult to find good sites related to a certain country. HERE you'll find a collection of single-country stamp links. Not all the existing links but only those I found interesting.
And don't miss to view the page about stamp catalogues, and postal authorities where you can obtain additional info about the country you collect.

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Please help me:

If you're a stamp dealer or webmaster of a site, and think your site should be here please give me your web address.

If you think you have some good links for any country (even those not yet listed) please pass them to me and I will publish accordingly.

Some countries are put together on the same page (i.e. the British Commonwealth)

because most of resources are shared. This section will be further expanded in the future to list a larger number of countries.

Have you got good links ? Mail me their URLs.
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