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Bahamas (updated 17 Sep 2009)
Bahamas Post Office

postal website : BAHAMAS Philatelic Bureau
Bahamas Postal Service
General Post Office
P.O. Box N- 8302 Nassau,

Tel : +242 - 322-3344
Fax : +242 - 326-8667
philatelic website :
online shop :
Related information (unofficial): -

Other Bahamas philatelic websites

Bahrain (updated 3 Nov 2010)
Ministry of Transportation - Postal Services
An online catalogue of every stamp issued since 1933 is available (english & arabic). Not updated with latest issues. Info about stamp orders.

postal website : Philatelic Bureau
Postal Directorate
P. O. Box: 1212
Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: (+973) 17 523 403
Fax: (+973) 17 533 455

philatelic website :
online shop : NO

Bangladesh (updated 17 Sep 2009)
General Post Office
Now the site is fully working. There is a menu button for philately which leads to a number of menu types. If you click on "Year Wise" you get a year-by-year listing of stamps. By clicking on a given year, you can see all the stamps for that year with images. Their web shop appeared open as well, but most of the stamps are from the 1990's.

postal website : General Post Office
Bangabandhu Avenue, Dhaka
philatelic website :
online shop :
email :
Other useful info - Bangladesh collectors' association address:
Bangladesh National Philatelic Association, GPO Box 790, Dhaka 1000

Barbados (updated 17 Sep 2007)
Barbados Postal Service
New site!! Updated with latest issues and online shop now available! You can order all the stamps still available at philatelic bureau. Info about standing orders, stamp programme.

postal website : The Barbados Philatelic Bureau
General Post Office
Cheapside, Bridgetown BB11000

Tel: 1-246-426-0381
Fax: 1-246-429-4118
philatelic website :
online shop : YES

email : - postal service - philatelic bureau

Barbuda (updated 1 jan 2004)
Barbuda Post Office
Stamps of Antigua which are overprinted with "Barbuda Mail".
Please note: a collector told me about his registered letter being kept in Barbuda for many months, sitting in the PO Box. After more than a year the letter came back with remark: PO Box closed! So consider this information before getting in touch or sending money to Barbuda Post Office.

postal website : Antigua-Barbuda Philatelic Services Ltd. 
Barbuda Post Office , Box 1144, 
Codrington, Barbuda, 
Via Antigua 
West Indies
philatelic website :
online shop :
email :

Belarus (updated 2 feb 2003)
Philatelic catalog with all details and images of postage stamps issued since 1992. Now updated with latest issues.
Info about subscriptions and orders with printable forms. English version available.

postal website : Belarus Post,
Publishing Center Marka,
10, F. Skaryna Ave.,
220050 Minsk,

Tel: +375 17 227 46 38
Fax: +375 17 226 11 70

philatelic website :
online shop : NO

Belize (updated 18 Sep 2009)
Belize Post Office
Site under HEAVY construction...

postal website : Post Office (General)
3 North Front Street, Belize City
P. O. Box 1157

Tel (501) 227-4917 / 3025 / 3171
Fax 227-2220 or 227-8667
philatelic website :
online shop :

Belgium (updated 12 Aug 2009)
La Poste
You will find a complete source of information about current year stamp programme, latest issues, a standing order form. The latest stamp bullettin is always available in pdf format. French, German, Dutch. Regularly updated.

postal website : La Poste - Stamps & Philately
Egide Walschaertsstraat 1
2800 Mechelen

Tél: +32 15 28 58 11
Fax: +32 15 28 58 16
philatelic website :

Belgian Railways Stamps (philatélie ferroviaire):
online shop : not yet but soon available
Belgium philatelic websites

Benin (updated 30 Nov 2008)
Now the address is up to date, thanks to the UPU.

postal website : Bureau philatélique du Bénin
Attention: Mr. TEOU O. Joseph
philatelic website :
online shop :

Bermuda (updated 17 Sep 2009)
Bermuda Post Office
There is a form which can be used to subscribe to new issues. No info or stamp images about recent issues. You can get much more interesting info by e-mail from them (stock list, etc).

postal website : Bermuda Post Office
The Philatelic Bureau
56 Church Street
Hamilton HM 12

Tel: (441) 297-7865, 297-7507
Fax: (441) 292-1928
philatelic website :
online shop : NO

Bhutan (updated 1 May 2003)
Bhutan Post
The site has a comprehensive and exhaustive information about stamps and philatelic services, including images of recent issues. A stock list is available.

postal website : The General Manager (Stamps)
Philatelic Bureau
Bhutan Post
GPO Thimphu, Bhutan

Tel: +975-2-322296
Fax: 323108

philatelic website :
online shop : NO

Bolivia (updated 14 Apr 2006)
Correos de Bolivia
Stamp programme up to 2003, plus an online stock list of philatelic items still on sale.

postal website : Empresa de Correos de Bolivia
Departamento de Filatelia
Nivel Plaza - Palacio de Comunicaciones
La Paz - Bolivia

Tel : +591 2 374145
Fax : +591 2 391620
philatelic website :
online shop : NO

Bosnia Herzegovina (updated 9 Feb 2003)
This is the postal service maintained by Sarajevo government. This is one of the one of the three equally righted postal operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Details of postage stamps issued since 1995 with images.

postal website :

Obala Kulina bana 8
BA-71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel: +387 33 203 131
Tel: +387 33 213 713
Tel/Fax: +387 33 652 470

philatelic website :
old philatelic website :

online shop :

Bosnia Herzegovina
Croatian Post Mostar (updated 17 Sep 2007)
HP (Hrvatska Pošta)
This is the postal service maintained by Mostar (Croatian) government. This is one of the one of the three equally righted postal operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Very good philatelic info: every stamp issued since 1993 is pictured with details! Updated with latest issues.

postal website :

Hrvatska pošta d.o.o. Mostar
Tvrtka Miloša b.b.,
BA-88000 Mostar
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel: +387 36 327 915
Fax: +387 36 324 735

philatelic website :
online shop :

Bosnia Herzegovina
Republika Srpska (updated 17 Sep 2007)
Srpske Poste
This is the postal service maintained by Banja Luka (Serbian) government. This is one of the one of the three equally righted postal operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The site is great for collectors - a catalog with images & details of every stamp issued since 1992!

postal website :

Poste Srpske A.D.
Kralja Petra I Karadjordjevica 93A
BA-78000  Banja Luka
Bosnia and Hercegovina

Tel.: +387 51 211 339
Fax: +387 51 211 304

philatelic website :
online shop :

Botswana (updated 8 Oct 2005)
Botswana Postal Services
Info about stamps since 1999 plus online shop where you can buy last 2 years of stamps.

postal website : Botswana Postal Services 
Philatelic Bureau 
PO Box 100 , Gaborone 

Tel: 267 3953131
Fax: : 267 3912253/267 3913599
philatelic website :
online shop : YES
Botswana philatelic websites

Brazil (updated 3 Dec 2006)
Images and full details of stamps since 1997. Portuguese only. Always updated.
Online Stamp Shop available every philatelic product (except single stamps) from Correios can be bought, plus stamps from Cuba, Belgium and Portugal. The shop is in portuguese only.

postal website :

Distance Sales Office
Av. Presidente Vargas, 3077 - 23th Floor
20210-900  Rio de Janeiro-RJ
Phone: (55)(21) 2503-8095  or  2503-8096
Fax: (55)(21) 2503-8638

philatelic website :
online shop :
Alternative address:

Agencia Filatélica - ECT
Rua Líbero Badaró.595
01051-970 Sao Paulo-SP
Phone (55)(11) 3107-4140 or 3105-6702

British Antarctic Territory (updated 18 Sep 2009)
Post Office
The stamps of BAT are sold only by Falkland Islands philatelic bureau.

postal website : Stamp Sales
Post Office
Ross Road  
Falkland Islands

Tel : +500/27159
Fax : +500/27160
philatelic website :
online shop : NO

British Indian Ocean Territory (updated 30 May 2006)
BIOT Post Office
The Post Office website is now available! An online shop is now available, and you can see all the stamps still on sale.
Cable and Wireless operates the BIOT Post Office on behalf of the UK Government. Biot Post Office has moved location and now co-exists in the Cable and Wireless building in the downtown area of the island of Diego Garcia. Although BIOT is a British Dependant Territory, the working currency on Diego Garcia is the US Dollar (the stamps are in British pound face value). The service now it is much much faster and an order takes a maximum of one month. BIOT Phonecards collector should visit Diego Garcia Cable and Wireless

postal website : BIOT POST OFFICE
Diego Garcia
c/o Cable & Wireless PLC
180B Bencoolen Street
Unit 03-02 The Bencoolen
189648 Singapore

Tel: +246 370-9000
Fax: +246 370-9102

Alternative Address

c/o Cable & Wireless plc
Diego Garcia
BFPO 485

philatelic website :
online shop : YES
Alternative Address if you live in the USA (it's a U.S. military postal address).
c/o Cable & Wireless plc
Diego Garcia
PSC 466 Box No. 59
FPO-AP 96595-0059

British Virgin Islands (updated 17 Sep 2009)
General Post Office

postal website (some info):

BVI Post
Philatelic Bureau
c/o General Post Office
Road Town
Tortola VG 1110
British Virgin Islands

Tel. +1 (284) 4943701, extn. 4992
Fax : +1 284 4942367

philatelic website :
online shop :
email (of an Employee of philatelic bureau):
British Virgin Islands philatelic websites

Brunei Darussalam (updated 30 Jul 2007)
Postal Services Department
They have deleted and updated the site of postal administration. Information about some stamp issues 1996-1998 (poor) and no info for foreign collectors!

postal website : Philateic Unit
Postal Services Depatment
MPC Berakas BB3510
Brunei Darussalam
philatelic website :
online shop :

Bulgaria (updated 18 Sep 2009)
Bulgarian Post
The philatelic site of Bulgarian Post is completely new and by now has no info or images about postage stamps The philatelic site of Ministry of Communications and Transport has a full online catalogue with images of bulgarian stamps from 1879 up to 2005. Not to miss!

Bulgarian Post does not supply stamps and does not perform any order. It has shifted this obligation to Bulgarian Philately and Numismatics, which is the enterprise which produces Bulgarian stamps (this enterprise is also ownership of Bulgarian Post). The foreign collectors as well as the dealers can order stamps namely to Bulgarian Philately and Numismatics.

postal website : for postal matters:
Bulgarian Post
1, Arso Pandourski Str., bl. 31
1700 Sofia

for stamp requests:
Bulgarian Philately and Numismatics
8, Haydushka Poliana Str.
1612 Sofia,

Fax +35929531826

philatelic website (Bulgarian Post):
philatelic catalogue up to year 2005:
philatelic catalogue up to year 2005 (from Ministry of Communications and Transport):

online shop : NO
email (of Bulgarian Philately and Numismatics):

Burkina Faso (updated 9 Jul 2005)
Société Nationale des Postes du Burkina « SONAPOST »
No info about stamps. Updated postal address, added e-mail and fax number.

postal website :
Service Philatélique
Société Nationale des Postes (SONAPOST)
01 BP 6000
Ouagadougou 01
Burkina Faso

Tél : +226 50 30 87 71,
Fax :+226 50 33 51 51
philatelic website :
online shop :

Burundi (updated 2 Feb 2008)
Added a site and an email address. Up to date postal address.

BP 258
Bujumbura Ville, République du Burundi
philatelic website :
online shop :



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