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Thank You to all the people who wrote me to express their appreciation for the site! As you may see, I'm trying to improve it further, including also additional info. I appreciate also the continuous feedback from many of you - sometimes I don't have the time to reply to every message, but they're all taken into consideration to correct/improve the site.

The ultimate resource for collecting new stamp issues from the world
The premier resource for Postal Authorities on the net
...helping those who love philately.

Content of the site
Hello, dear philatelist / stamp collector !
The purpose of this site is to provide and to maintain updated, information about:
An all-inclusive listing of Postal Authorities & philatelic bureaus, including their websites,
postal addresses and e-mails. Also a list of philatelic agents.
Stamp catalogues / philatelic literature with site & postal address of publishers.
A small collection of links to sites related to a specific country or collecting area (i.e. the British Commonwealth, the Former Soviet Union).

Latest Updates
1 Nov 2010 Site updated, with lots of news on postal authorities pages.
17/18 Sep 2009 Many updates on Philatelic Bureaux, post of Kosovo moved into letter "K"
27 Jul 2008 Updated Fiji: they are again online, with a NEW website address.
6 Jul 2008 Updated Austria and Czech Republic.
5 Jul 2008 Finally many updates on Philatelic Bureau pages. Look for 5 jul 2008 inside the pages....
2 Feb 2008 Finally I have updated the site, sorry I had been unable previously... please keep sending me updates, the site will be never abandoned!
17 Sep 2007 New URL for Tanzania, now with philatelic info. Some minor updates.
New links for Cambodia and Georgia.
3 Aug 2007 New postal address for: Angola, Latvia, Turkmenistan. Updated contact details of Bahamas, new url for Macedonia Post.
1 Aug 2007 New contact details for Albania, updated Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic (new email address).
30 Jul 2007 New contact details for Kosovo. Updated links of Hungary. Now Malawi, Comores, Angola, Cameroon, Cook, Aruba, Saint Pierre et Miquelon, have a postal website. Heavy update on Brazil, UN.
20 Dec 2006 updated Nepal, Bosnia (Serbian), Links page.
20 Nov 2006 critical updates for Vietnam, the Netherlands, Hong Kong. Macau is finally online!
6 Nov 2006 France and French Polynesia have a new postal address. Added Tel/Fax numbers for Aruba.
25 Sep 2006 Aruba and BVI have a new email. Iran has a new website and email address. New web address for Guernsey & Alderney. New postal address for Nauru, Nepal, Belize. Added a postal address for TAAF and BFPO.
5 Sep 2006 Cayman Islands are fully online. Trinidad&Tobago has opened its online shop. Other small updates here and there.
27 Jun 2006 Albania has a new site, now with philatelic information. BIOT post office has its own philatelic site with online ordering (!!). Updated info on Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova.
14 May 2006 Poste Italiane now ships stamp orders abroad (some countries only).
Updated info about Montenegro. Now they issue stamps regularly! Added a fax number for Eritrea.
14 Apr 2006 Changed e-mail address of Royal Mail philatelic bureau. New postal address & e-mail for: Germany, Gibraltar. New e-mail address for Denmark and New Zealand. Updated URLs for New Zealand. Netherlands Antilles finally launched its new website. Stamps of French Andorra now can be purchased online. New e-mail address for Poland. New address of Sri Lanka philatelic bureau. Now Thailand has an online shop (thai only).
23 Mar 2006 Updated data of Azerbaijan (new e-mail, postal address, phone).
20 Mar 2006 New e-mail address for Slovakia and Zambia; Added tel/fax numbers for Croatia. Updated postal address and tel/fax of CTT Portugal.
19 Mar 2006 Updated: Great Britain, Costa Rica, Honduras, Lithuania, Syria, Ecuador, Macau, Afghanistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Cuba.
23 Feb 2006 Updated: Niger - Timor - Kosovo - Bermuda - Azerbaijan - Sao Tomé e Príncipe - India - Kenya - Austria - China - Angola - Ecuador.
Uganda is back with its own website. Added the unrecognized postal service of Nagorno-Karabakh.



A new stamp country : Montenegro!
14 May 2006

If you still haven't noticed it, Montenegro has recently started to issue postage stamps (not the obligatory tax previously issued) which have an official status. I don't know if they're accepted into international mail, but they are worth to be collected!

A novice needs help...
23 Mar 2005

I´m a young brazilian boy and I started in this year to join in collection Stamps. I need some help for my collection. Thank you very much!!!
(sorry, my english is not good!)
With my compliments,
Rildo R. Gomes
Rua Lauro Jacques, QD6 Lote 03/22 - Bloco 08 Apto 302 - Cond. Morada Dos Sonhos I
Setor Negrão de Lima
CEP: 74650-170
Goiânia - GO

Stamp links by Country... interested?
An open letter to all the visitors....
19 Jan 2004

Dear friends! It was on August 1997 that I decided to put online my small list of philatelic bureaux and links, hoping to receive additional information. At that time I didn't think the site would last so long.
Now it's year 2004 and I'm really happy of the information collected, and that site is quite popular with stamp lovers. I'd like to thank again everyone who wrote me to help. Otherwise the site wouldn't be so updated as it is. Unfortunately I don't have too much time to keep after it. So the result is that only bureaux pages are regularly updated.
When I upgraded the site on year 2000, I also thought to do a listing of links classified by nation. Surely many of you have visited my country pages. This project has been abandoned for lack of time, and most of these pages are not updated since that year. With thousands of philatelic links on the web, it would be impossible for me to collect all the links related to a country and then keep the lists updated.
But I could list only sites which I found interesting for one country and avoid the updates of URLs.
Of course I could revamp this section of the site only if there is interest in it.
When I browse philatelic sites sometimes I find interesting sites which could be useful for collectors which follow a country or a certain area (i.e. Scandinavia, Former Yugoslavia, etc.). I would be happy to share these links with you. Are you interested? Let me know. And which countries.

I have just added some new countries: Australia, Canada, Netherlands and New Zealand

Countries refusing to sell their stamps - part 3
New entry: Suriname Post stop selling stamps
updated on
29 Jan 2004

With the help of worldwide collectors now I can give you more details about the BAD behavior of some philatelic services with foreign collectors. If they think this will increase their philatelic sale they are in error and I hope that more collectors will let know them what they think about these sales policy. If you have additional info let me know!

Country Problem
Suriname Suriname post do not sell stamps to foreigners anymore
China they don't sell stamps to foreign collectors
Russia they don't sell stamps to foreign collectors - by now
Czech Rep. Refuse to sell only to certain countries where they have an official agent (i.e. Italy, Spain)
Israel Refuse to sell single issues - only by subscriptions
IGPC agency Certain issues produced by the agent are not sent to related countries (Guyana,etc) to be sold by local philatelic bureau. Where are UPU, FIP and catalogue publishers?
Canada Starting January 1, 2003, single stamps will be only available through the quarterly collector's pack. (if you want a single stamp,You have to buy at least a block of 4 or a complete booklet)
Netherlands Don't sell single stamp/set - only whole sheet/sheetlet/booklet are sold. Single issues are only available in the annual yearpack. This has been done for operational reasons (read below).

About Netherlands: all post offices are fully "computerized" and all items should have a bar-code to be sold. Unfortunately you can't put a bar-code on a single stamp, so TPG Post decided only to sell their stamps in sheets or booklets. They sell the stamps for the current rates in booklets of five or ten stamps.

Please, advise me of new links. I will try to do my best, but your help, if you think this is a useful resource, it's fundamental to keep the information correct, updated and to expand it.
So your cooperation is really appreciated.

I'm glad to add a link to your website, if you send me an email with your URL and site description
(a reciprocal link is required). If you have a country specific resource, I can also put a link to that page.

Special THANKS to regular contributors as well as to everyone
who made possible to keep these pages updated

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