Tactical Media Crew - against capitalism, multinational corporations, exploitation...

Anti-Vivisection exhibition




Transgenico Caos Punx - Anarcho Punk band from Torino, Italy (I'm the singer)

Poisoned Skrotum - Grindcore-Crust from Bari, Italy

Kafka - Great screamish new-school hardcore from Genova, Italy

Never Was - More new-school hardcore from Genova, Italy

Cripple Bastards - Hate-Grindcore icons from Asti, Italy

Nausea - Los Angeles, California death grindcore masters

What Happens Next? - Bandana Thrash old-school hc from San Francisco, USA

Dropdead - fast anarcho crust from USA

Cluster Bomb Unit - crust from Germany! A Bomb!


Discharge - UK 80's punk heroes

Mob47 - 80's Scandi-Crust

DOOM - Crust masters of ever, from UK

Negazione - 80's Thrash-Hardcore masters from Torino, Italy. The best!

Wretched - 80's Anarcho-Hardcore punk from Milano, Italy