Extreme Noise Terror formed in January 1985, and at their first gig 
they were immediately signed up by Manic Ears Records. Their first 
release was a split album with Chaos UK, entitled 'Radioactive', 
firmly stamping their caustic arrival all over an unsuspecting music 
scene, mixing metallic aggression with punk attitude, leaving an 
indelible impact, helped in no small part by a barbaric double vocal 
attack. However, shortly after the release, Pig Killer left the band 
and the drumming stool became vacant, and was consequently filled by 
one Mick Harris (ex-Napalm Death,now of Scorn.)

1987 proved a significant year for the band, as Radio One DJ John Peel 
became interested in the noise E.N.T. were making, and, after seeing 
them perform live decided to offer them a session on his show. 
The resulting Peel Session was released by Strange Fruit as a mini 
album, and was received so well that a second recording for the show 
was made. This one, however, was never released. Drummer Harris then 
departed to be replaced by Stick, and a few weeks after his arrival 
Extreme Noise Terror recorded their first full album, the aptly titled 
'A Holocaust In Your Head', on Hurt Records. A full headline tour of 
Europe and Japan ensued as the band spread their special brand of mayhem 
further afield.

E.N.T. were then asked to record yet another Peel Session, their third, 
which was released along with the debut session as a full length album. 
After a successful European tour, they released an album for Vinyl Japan 
entitled 'Phonophobia', and visited Japan for the second time to coincide 
with the release. Once again, the band found support from John Peel, and 
it was on his show that Bill Drummond of The KLF became impressed by the 
band. The two acts got in contact and Drummond asked them to re-record a 
version of The KLF's '3am Eternal' and to appear on the Christmas Day Top 
of the Pops, playing live. Despite the song being recorded, the BBC decided 
that E.N.T.'s version was not suitable to be screened on daytime television.
Consequently it was banned, and in retaliation The KLF boycotted the show.

Eventually, the song did see the light of day on a limited edition single, 
and won 'Single of the Week' in the NME and the Melody Maker. The two 
bands were then asked to perform live at the 1992 Brit Awards, and E.N.T. 
made national newspaper headlines when they fired blanks from a machine 
gun at the unsuspecting audience and caused chaos at the after show party. 
The KLF and E.N.T. then recorded an album of new material together 
titled 'The Black Room', but on its completion the album was withdrawn 
as The KLF announced their retirement from the music world, and the 
deletion of all their past material.

Extreme Noise Terror went on touring throughout 1993, and by 1994 there 
had been several line up changes original drummer Pig Killer returning, 
and the bass position taken on by Lee Barrett (also of Disgust), and a 
lead guitarist, Ali, also swelling the ranks. This latest incarnation 
signed to Earache in June 1994, and re-recorded their old classic 
material with the new guys under the title of 'Retro-bution', released 
in January '95. A short UK tour was followed by European and American 
tours, after which Pig Killer left the band. A replacement was found 
in the form of Was, who originally played in the early Cradle of Filth 
line up. However, the line up changes continued with the shock 
announcement that long time vocal duelist Phil Vane was joining Napalm 
Death, after their split with Mark 'Barney' Greenway.

The shocks didn't stop there, as Barney promptly stepped into Phil's 
shoes and recorded the brand new 'Damage 381' album, a record as harsh 
as any of the previous releases, but benefiting from the undoubted 
know-how of producer Colin Richardson. Almost unbelievably, Barney then 
returned to the Napalm fold, leaving the band temporarily without the 
duel throat attack they became recognised for. The final piece in the 
amazing turnaround was completed with Vane's re-instatement into the 
ENT ranks. Place your bets now for the next move - one thing is certain 
- 'Damage 381' is as vicious a hardcore holocaust! 

With a stronger than ever line-up Extreme Noise Terror are now back with
an album that will mark a new beginning. "Being & Nothing" (released in 
March 2001) is the fastest and most savagely brutal E.N.T. album to date. 
Be warned: this is some heavy stuff. This is Extreme Noise Terror with a