technique: enamel and acrylic
size: cm 50 x 70
completion date: 29/09/1998
review: philosophical opera to be admired together with the others with a religious theme (Crossroad, Face of light, The apocalypse). Trinos broach the difficult subject of godhead. ENRICO portrays the Holy Trinity throwing some light on the concept of triune with three colors of light. God Father is a melting pot of yellow that includes all. In his inside the Son, the Christ: a solo of gold. The Son is a whole with the Father, by which differs for size and gold color, that produces a stronger light. In the Son and in the Father shines, in the center of the opera, the snow-white spirit of the Holy Ghost. The greatest intensity of light. A sudden high note. Three concentric light colors with a crescendo of intensity. As if the light by concentrating becomes purer. God is one and reveals himself to the human eye as the unison of the three natures.

by Etienne Pascal