«Matilde», the car covered with a collage of paintings made by Enrico Campioli

ENLARGES PICTURE Far from the greyness of «mass-produced», «Matilde» it is some time that wanders about the streets of our town. Between high and sparkling colours, that cover the whole range of the rainbow, «Matilde» enlightens squares, roads, avenues and lifes of inhabitants of Parma. But «Matilde», conceived not only «to make others happy», is also travelling art. «Matilde is an automobile all covered with a collage of paintings realized in these years - explains Enrico Campioli, its deviser -. Given the situation that often the art galleries remain empty, especially for the exhibitions of up-and-coming young artists, I thought to take the art outside of the galleries, between the streets of the town». And so was born, from an intuition of a young painter of Parma, «Matilde», the Opel Zafira multicolour. «The better way to realize my project, taking in this way “the mountain to Mohammed”, was to cover my car with my art». And, by taking the cue from the town busses made-up with advertising on the bodywork thanks to particular adhesive films, begun a long period of attentive planning. ENLARGES PICTURE «I worked for two years to realize the painting printed on the plastic film of the car. Then, when all the drawings were in the right place, I went to a qualified firm, Gapa of Parma, to print and set up the adhesive film». How much was the beauty operation? «About 2500 euros. There are no particular troubles to maintenance, it is enough to wash it without too strong water jets, it is better with the rotor arms that are more delicate». From then the pictures by Campioli travel in the town and make people that meet the car on their street happy. «There are many fellow townsmen that smile by seeing the car, most of all the children». The car according to the author intentions «wants to be also a symbol to give courage, to do something different. The automobiles havent necessarily to be all grey». Meanwhile «Matilde» - the name was chosen by the three artist's children - begone to «impress» thanks to internet. The web page dedicated to the lively car ( http://digilander.libero.it/enricogallery/matildei.htm, ) got lots of enthusiastic comments by many web surfers. «Also the cellular number and the e-mail that I put on the back window were very useful. I didn't got offers for the car yet, but I ever won't give it away. As, on the other hand, I ever couldn't cover it with something else. «Matilde» is «Matilde» and it will be forever».

by Stella Ricchini

Article published monday 18 giune 2007