It is weird to write a manifesto when I am against manifestos. At the roots of my painting there are, nevertheless, ideas which have been followed and matured. First of all the search for beauty: it is also important how you reach it, but that one is still the goal. When I paint I try to create something I like, something beautiful to me, which I perceive as beautiful, and which makes me feel good emotions: I think that my paintings are beautiful. My art is fundamentally this: the search for beauty. Secondly, but still important, I put the way I paint. Painting is a joy: I love painting and I paint what I love. When you do something with pleasure you put in your creation that certain something, whose absence becomes clear when you do something with unwillingness, for duty, or for other reasons. Painting is so beautiful to me that I would do it anyway simply because I enjoy doing it. The appreciation of beauty by other people is rewarding, it encourages and develops, nevertheless it is something which comes after, which increases pleasure in carrying out the next works; it isn't able to create alone the love for painting. The third, but not less important, element is to break rules. This point is perhaps the most personal one, which gives me the greatest enjoyment. For centuries painting has been following rules, and it is going on like this, even if one of the rules is to break rules. My point of view is that rules have to be broken, not just because people enjoy breaking them, but whenever they restrict creativity, and the search for beauty through new images. Many painters still use paint brushes, canvas and they restrict themselves to the world of figures. Wonderful works have been created with these rules, and many others will be but restrictions can make creativity ever more sterile. It is possible to paint something beautiful also using a fork, or by painting on a no-rectangular wooden tablet, so as to reproduce an idea, which is outside the real world in front of us. Figure, brush, perspective, canvas can be used on condition that they won't force to always create in a certain way. For this reason I don't like manifestos and rules, which explain how to create beauty. Even the breaking of rules must not become a rule. We must paint just because we enjoy doing it, without getting restricted: we must widely express our freedom to paint what we like , how we like, drawing inspiration from our mind or from the outside world. Now that I have explained the three main elements of my painting, I want to talk a little bit about perspective. I have been trying to show the feeling of depth in several paintings of mine, by applying the rules of the figurative perspective to the abstract painting. In abstract drawings color can, in this way, enter the third dimension, so that the onlooker is able to see and imagine a three-dimensional abstract world. In abstract world, perspective rules can be more free. In the painting called "Perspectives", whose creation lasted for two years and which shows the subject of abstract perspective, there is a lot of material for a study, without depriving the onlooker of the pleasure to immediately perceive color. I summarize my way of thinking: to paint beauty, to paint because I enjoy doing it and to paint freely.

by ENRICO Campioli