technique: enamel
size: cm 50 x 70
year: 1997
review: an impeetuous enamel of the '97 rich of strenght in the color. The enamel is the favorite ENRICO technique although the acrylic paintings are many far more. The fluidity of the substance during artistic production, the brilliance of the final result: are the two most appreciated characteristics by the author. The color flow rushingly from the top to the bottom. It overcomes with vitality everything that meets. The bright uproar calm down to a quiet blue in the bottom part of the opera. White foamy sprinklings bounce on the right, before soothing in the big colored basin that, like a maternal venter, welcomes everytingh. The hot red, the cheerful yellow, the enchanted color of the clouds; everything fall down with strenght. The happy young ardour, depicted by a "fantastical waterfall", intensly expresses itself with color-feelings, to be shattered, with the strenght of the water, to a serene, deep mature blue.

by Etienne Pascal