Fairfield a Suzzara -  6 agosto 1981


sito ufficiale di Ararad  Khatchikian

Rainbow Riders

recorded at Sweet Silence Studios

Denmark August 79



Sweet Louise

Poor poor pitiful me

Every woman

Fairfield snow song

Near the moon

Vent fin

Rainbow Riders

One more time






Ararad Khatchikian  Italian-Armenian born in Khartoum (Sudan Africa) on the River Nile. At the age of nine moves to Gorizia (Friuli Venezia Giulia Region-Italy). Obtains Classical Degrees and attends 4 years of Medical School in Trieste s University. Self taught musician starts to play the guitar and sing at the age of 14. Plays in a group from Gorizia, Fairfield and in 1977 records an LP in Copenhageh (Denmark) Rainbow Riders . 

Ararad Khatchikian - Suzzara  1981

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