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Digitech International Ltd. is a new english group specialized in technological, electronic and computer products import and export, generally in european and american markets. The activity of the company is carried of some specialized divisions. Above all, the division dealing is a semiconductors where Digitech is a worldwide level reference point in brokegage and marketplace of smart cards, chip cards, memory cards, microcontroller cards, contacless cards, mifare, RF cards and tags. The dealed products supply every application area of smart cards: transport, mobile and public telecommunications, health, government and institutions, finance, loyalty, e-commerce, security. For some of the most comercial products, Digitech has developped fully compatible products, with own trademark, which are supplied at competitive prices with the main producers. Beside can be supplied also the originals products of the most important wordwide manufacturer like Siemens®, Infineon®, Atmel®, ST Microelectronics®, Samsung®, Philips®. The portal aims to became “Any contribution or suggestion is very appreciated”) a reference site where everyone can find full informations about ICS (Integrated circuits semiconductors); from basical informations about international standards, such as ISO7816, EMV, Mifare, contactless , 3G, PKI , PC/SC to single components technical datasheets. A real virtual market of smart cards where supply and demand can meet is under development now.

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